These Hilariously Real Valentine’s Day Cards Are Perfect for Any Relationship Status

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Sure, chocolates and flowers are nice, but nothing beats a Valentine's Day card that just gets you. Don't waste a second sifting through hundreds of heart-shaped greetings in every shade of pink. We've got you. This year, two companies have joined forces to create cute Valentine's day cards for every relationship status.

Dating app Hinge teamed up with Society6 for a limited edition of illustrated Valentine's Day cards by 15 artists. Each and every one hits the nail on the head. There's a card for your long-term S.O., one for those in-between moments when you're not really sure where you stand, something for your favorite cuddle buddy—you name it. You'll make anyone crack a smile on February 14 with a three-pack of cards for $4.99. Below, a few of Well+Good staffer's favorites:

These are the cute Valentine's Day cards made for modern relationships

Photo: Hinge x Society6

1. Fyre Festival

Now that's love. Enough said.

Photo: Hinge x Society6

2. I'd Rather Stay Home

JOMO at its finest.

Photo: Hinge x Society6

3. You Are My Favorite Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are great, but nothing gets the job done like the pro-cuddler in your life.

Photo: Hinge x Society6

4. Is It Weird That I Got You a Valentine?

For those times you're just not sure whether your relationship is worthy of a card or not.

Photo: Hinge x Society6

5. Emergency Contact

Once you list someone as your emergency contact, there's no going back.

Photo: Hinge x Society6

6. For the TBT Relationship Status

Proof that you don't need to put a label your relationship to give a cute Valentine's Day card.

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