20 Cute and Memorable Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Totally Unique (and Not at All Cheesy)

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Every February, Valentine's Day rolls around, and with it, the same, red-and-pink torrent of overdone, expected gifts. Heart-shaped jewelry? Check. Bouquet of roses or carnations? Check. A fluffy teddy bear holding a heart emblazoned with something that's supposed to be punny, but is mostly just really cringe-y? Check, check, and check.

Yep, Valentine's Day is a total cheese-fest—but only if you let it be. This year, swap the standard box of chocolates with a cute Valentine's day gift that's thoughtful and personal to your loved one. It can be adorable, too (we're suckers for anything pink or heart-printed!) just as long as it's actually memorable and/or doesn't look like you plucked it last minute out of the seasonal aisle at CVS...

Love never gets old, but the same, ole' flowers and factory-made stuffed animals do. This year, give a cute and unique Valentine's day gift they'll *actually* adore. Scroll for some ideas that'll leave them swooning.

20 cute and memorable Valentine's Day gift ideas

cute valentine's day gift, a personalized music plaque from etsy
Mirage Custom Gift, Personalized Music Plaque — $17.00

Every couple has “their” special song, and this customizable plaque is the perfect way to commemorate it this Valentine’s Day. Upload a picture of you and your Valentine, include the artist and title of your favorite song, and you’ve got an adorable, shelf-worthy display that your giftee will cherish. You can even opt to add an engraved message to the wooden stand for an extra personal touch.

vacation lip desserts lip balms
Vacation, Lip Desserts Collector’s Set — $25.00

Out: Boxed chocolates. In? A box of lip balms scented like chocolates… and other scrumptious desserts.

In addition to keeping lips soft, moisturized, and protected from sun damage with SPF 30, these Vacation lip balms come in five kissable flavors inspired by iconic sweets—like After Dinner Mint, Bananas Foster, Strawberry Jello Salad, Bombe Alaska, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Split the set with your partner, or show some love to your galentines for a cute and delicious V-day treat.

Anthropologie, Maeve Heart Cardigan — $158.00

Available sizes: XXS-XL in standard, petite, or plus fits.

Like we said, we’re a sucker for heart shapes—just as they’re styled thoughtfully. Enter, the Maeve Heart Cardigan from Anthropologie, which is a masterclass in how to wear hearts. For starters, it sports a classic silhouette and shape that can easily be worn on its own or layered over a tank or tee. The pink and red hearts are just the right amount of cutesy, adding a pop of color at the elbows, pockets, and back. Tl;Dr—we love it. And your giftee will too!

cerealsly love you spoon from etsy hovering above a cereal bowl, a cute valentine's day gift
Impressions Stamped, I Cerealsly Love You Spoon — $18.00

For the Valentine that can’t resist a good pun, this personalized spoon makes for an extra cute Valentine’s day gift. Choose between teaspoon, tablespoon, soup, or serving spoon sizes, and add you and your s.o’s initials for a sentimental touch. This is the kind of gift that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your partner’s face every day.

wicked good cupcakes with box, card, and paper bouquet on a pink background
Wicked Cute Cupcakes, 2-Pack with Valentine’s Day Card — $34.00

For the Valentine with a sweet tooth, this V-day ready mailer by Wicked Good Cupcakes is a winner. It includes your choice of any two of the brand’s cupcakes-in-a-jar, a card, and a 3D-paper-rose bouquet they’ll want to keep for ages, making it a simple yet effective gift. And with tasty cupcake options like red velvet, cookies and cream, and chocolate raspberry, the hardest part will be choosing your flavors.

The Oodie, Grey Oodie — $74.00

Originally $109, now $74

Move over, Snuggies. The Oodie is here, and it’s ready to replace your special someone’s worn-out sweatshirts and baggy tees. The Oodie is practically a hoodie and a blanket mixed together to create the warmest, coziest, most huggable piece of clothing money can buy. Made with a flannel fleece exterior, it’s perfect for chilly mornings or nights on the couch when regular sweats won’t cut it. Get one for your mom, your sister, your significant other, or anyone else on your V-day list who could use some snuggling ASAP.

lilac and lili heart earrings as a cute valentine's day gift
Lilac and Lili, Heart Statement Earrings — $16.00

These quirky heart earrings are a festive addition to your V-day outfit, and let’s face it, the heart motif is always in style, so you’ll get wear out of these year round. The polymer clay earrings are beautifully handmade to order, which means the pair you gift or receive will be totally unique. Take your pick between pink, red, and white color options.

spark romance matches kit on a white background
Chronicle Books, Spark Romance Kit — $13.00

Every faux match in this adorable matchbox has a prompt designed to set sparks flying between couples. In it you’ll find unique date ideas like, “recreate a memorable situation from when you first met,” and “sign up for a class together,” along with quirky conversation starters and small but meaningful ways to show your Valentine that you care, like “do a household task you know your partner hates,” or “find an unexpected moment for a kiss.”

initials necklace from etsy, valentine's day gift guide
Gold Hill Jewelry, 14K Gold Plated Initial Necklace — $34.00

A cute and dainty Valentine’s Day gift for yourself or for someone special, this gold-plated initial necklace has a minimalist, timeless look that’ll make it an everyday accessory. Personalize it with multiple initials of your choice, and add icons for extra flair. Plus, Etsy shoppers love it too—it has over 5,000 reviews and counting!

outdoor voices megafleece crew neck in lilac
Outdoor Voices, MegaFleece Crew Neck — $88.00

Available sizes: XS-3XL

For a cute and cuddly Valentine’s Day gift you and your Valentine will want to lounge in every day, the Outdoor Voices MegaFleece Crew Neck is a no-brainer. The relaxed sporty sweatshirt is made of OV’s warmest MegaFleece fabric, which uses 63 percent recycled wool to lock in warmth (without overheating), for a plush (never itchy) feel that’s fit for snuggling.

heart of hope pillow on a beige background
Jessica Leff, Heart of Hope Lavender Warming Pillow — $29.00

For a Valentine’s Day gift so cute it’s heartwarming (no pun intended), check out this Heart of Hope Pillow. Handmade using 100 percent cotton, this heart-shaped cushion is stuffed with natural flax seed, buckwheat hulls, and lavender, and can be warmed up in the microwave or cooled down for a soothing, comforting cuddle and to soothe aches and pains.

do son perfume infused bracelet from diptyque, a cute valentine's day gift, on a white background
Diptyque, Do-Son Perfume Infused Bracelet — $90.00

This perfume-infused bracelet by Diptyque is where jewelry and fragrance gifts converge, making it the best of both worlds. The adjustable, woven bracelet is laced with the brand’s ever-popular Do Son fragrance, which has notes of tuberose, orange blossom, and jasmine, so you can carry its luxe, floral scent wherever you go. Simply cut the bracelet to your desired length, loop it around your wrist and secure it with the included clasp. Each dispenser contains up to 30 scented bracelets!

sips by tea set on a beige background
Sips By, I Love You More Tea Kit — $40.00

For the Valentine that prefers tea to coffee, treat them to this tea kit by Sips By. Complete with a heart-shaped mug, heart-shaped tea infuser, your choice of caffeinated or non-caffeinated tea (or both, if you like to mix it up), this cute Valentine’s Day-ready tea set will be the delight of any tea-drinker.

Le Creuset, L'Amour Mug — $24.00

Or, if their coffee cart is already stacked sky-high with caffeinated beverages, give ’em a mug that’ll show their drinks some love. At 14 oz., the stoneware L’Amour mug from Le Creuset is big enough to fill with a morning’s worth of coffee, tea, or cocoa. The heart print is just the cherry on top. Also available in pink or red.

phlur missing person gift set bottle and rollerball, a cute valentine's day gift
Phlur, Missing Person Perfume Gift Set — $98.00

Phlur’s soft and genderless fragrance was designed to mimic the lingering scent of your partner’s skin—and what’s cuter, and more romantic than that? It features notes of white musk, bergamot nectar, and blonde wood, creating a gentle but addictive scent that’s bound to rake in the compliments. And the travel-friendly rollerball in this set means you’ll never have to go without it.

actually curious card game, happy hour edition on a white background, a cute valentine's day gift
Actually Curious, Happy Hour Edition - Icebreaker Card Game — $25.00

Made in collaboration with psychologists, journalists, and game developers, this fun card game is a great way to laugh and connect with friends and partners over drinks (or mocktails.) The deck is full of unique icebreakers about the things that make us happy—so you can get to know the people you care about on a deeper level and make lasting memories along the way.

dash waffle iron on a white background
Dash, Mini Waffle Maker — $10.00

To take your Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed to the next level, you’ll want this cute heart-shaped waffle maker in your kitchen. The mini waffle iron is non-stick, and can be used for more than just breakfast—from waffled hash browns and paninis, to cookies and biscuits. And it has over 180,000 5-star reviews, so you know it’s worth the hype.

linen photo album on a grey background, a cute valentine's day gift
Rag and Bone Bindery, Personalized Linen Photo Album — $53.00

Fill this linen wrapped photo book with you and your partner’s most cherished memories, and you’ve got a cute Valentine’s Day gift that they’ll continue to look back on for years to come. We love that it can be customized with two lines of gold-foil embossed text (25 characters each), for an extra thoughtful touch.

uncommon goods personalized candle, a cute valentine's day gift, on a beige background
Almina Ahmad, Custom Typewritten Note Candle — $36.00

These hand-poured, 100 percent soy-wax candles can be personalized with a custom message on the box and vessel, for a cute and unique Valentine’s Day gift that’ll have your Valentine thinking of you at every light. And there’s a natural scent for everyone—from spearmint and geranium rose, to lavender eucalyptus and lavender geranium.

table for two cookbook, a cute valentine's day gift
Bre Graham, Table for Two: Recipes for the Ones You Love — $25.00

This gorgeously illustrated cookbook by Bre Graham is full of easy-to-follow recipes and multi-course menus designed to show love through food. Whether you’re cooking for your partner, friend, or family member this V-day, the recipes in this book are sure to leave your heart and tummy full. Plus, the cover is so cute, you’ll want to keep it permanently displayed on your countertop.

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