Cuup Just Launched a Swim Collection, and I’ve Officially Found My Bikini of the Summer

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There are two things I absolutely love: Cuup bras (when I opt to wear a bra) and swimwear. So when I heard that Cuup was debuting a swim collection, I was excited. As someone who's a lifelong member of the itty bitty titty committee, I really don't need to wear a bra, and I often choose not to because it's always a struggle to find a good fit. After researching Cuup for a good year, I purchased a few of their bras, and they've been my go-tos ever since. Fast forward to the present day, when everything I love about the infamous bras can be found in the Cuup Swim collection, and I couldn't be happier.

The Swim collection features six designs in total with three bikini tops ($98) and three bikini bottoms ($68). The tops come in the classic Cuup bra silhouettes: the Balconette, the Plunge, and the Scoop; and the bottoms come in three styles as well: the Tap, the Highwaist, and the Bikini. The collection consists of both minimal and bold colorways like black, seaweed (a dark green), lava (a stunning red), earth (a chocolate brown), and shell (white), and is bound to cause people to double-take when they see you in any of these pieces.

The Balconette bra is for the person who wants to look and feel sexy in their swimwear without sacrificing function and support. The Plunge bra has the least amount of coverage (my favorite style) but still provides support, and the Scoop top has a low neckline but offers all the support you need whether you're in the water or laying out.

The Bikini bottom is a classic bottom that offers minimal back coverage. The Highwaist bottom has minimal hip and side coverage with a cheeky back, and the Tap bottom is for those looking for high-waist coverage on the hips, a sculpted bikini line, and a cheeky back.

Cuup is synonymous with quality, and each swim piece is made with ECONYL, regenerated nylon, providing a luxe feel. On the more functional end of things, this material is chlorine resistant, saltwater resistant, light resistant, and sunscreen and oil resistant, which translates to you'll have these pieces for a long time.

So why choose Cuup when it comes to swimwear? There's the quality and also the fact that Cuup is size-inclusive and will have you feeling like each piece was made just for you. If you've ever struggled to find tops and bottoms that fit properly, struggle no more. The tops come in 53 different bra sizes ranging from 30A to 42F and the bottoms come in seven sizes from XS to XXXL.

If you're looking for a suit that's equal parts comfy, aesthetically pleasing, and designed with your unique shape in mind, you can't go wrong with Cuup. Check out the styles ahead and have fun mixing and matching each piece.

Shop the Cuup swim collection

cuup swim
The Balconette — $98.00

This silhouette is giving us major vintage vibes and instantly transports us to a hot summer day in Palm Springs. This top gently lifts and separates your breasts but still provides you with the support you want and need in a swim top.

cuup swim
The Plunge — $98.00

The Plunge top provides minimal coverage and has a deep “V” cut, but don’t worry because you’ll get all the support you need whether it’s for sunbathing at your favorite off-the-grid destination or playing beach volleyball.

cuup swim
The Scoop — $98.00

This low, scoop neck top is all about accentuating curves and was designed to support and separate your breasts.

The Bikini — $68.00

If you’re into minimal coverage and sculpted lines when it comes to bikini bottoms, go with the Bikini.

cuup swim
The Tap — $68.00

This high waist style pairs perfectly with any of the three tops and provides fuller coverage on the hips, a sculpted bikini line, and a cheeky back.

cuup swim
The Highwaist — $68.00

This is arguably the most popular bottom Cuup has to offer and we get why. The Highwaist gives you cheeky coverage, minimal coverage on the hips and sides, and will create the illusion of having longer legs.

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