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This Matcha Maker Creates Professional-Grade Drinks—And It’s Worth Every Penny

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It's no secret—matcha is a superfood. The Japanese drink is made from ground green tea leaves, meaning it's stacked with healthy goodness, loaded with antioxidants that boost immunity, aid in inflammation, and improve cognition.

Healthy (and delicious) as it might be, it's not the easiest to make. Sure, you can buy a batch of pre-made powder, but there's nothing like the real thing which, unless you have the right tools and fresh ingredients, is often left in the hands of your neighborhood barista.

Enter: the Cuzen Matcha Maker ($369)—an ultra-luxe matcha machine that gives you tea house-worthy drinks with the press of a button.


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Cuzen, Matcha Maker Starter Kit — $369.00

Everything you need to barista-worthy matcha drinks in the click of a button.

Matcha fans—if you want to elevate your morning matcha routine, this sleek device is well worth the investment. The machine makes cup after cup of fresh matcha by grinding fresh, organic tea leaves each time it's used. So, unlike pre-made matcha powders which can lose their potency over time, Cuzen takes inspiration from the Japanese tradition of grinding fresh leaves before each matcha ceremony. That way, the matcha you get tastes better, is stronger, and is generally better for you than the stuff you'd buy off the shelf.

Here's how it works—Every Cuzen set comes with a matcha machine, a whisking cup, and three bags of the brand's organic tea leaves. To use the machine, pour an entire bag of tea leaves into the hopper (it automatically measures how much you need with each use). Then, fill the whisking cup to the fill line with water and place it underneath the grinder before deciding how strong you want your drink to be (there are three options, ranging from 1-2 grams per cup.) Press start, and presto—Cuzen whisks fresh grounds into your water, making the freshest matcha right before your eyes. Pour directly into hot water, over ice, or straight, expect café-quality matcha as you sip, minus the trip to the café.

It doesn't hurt that the thing truly is a work of art. With it's clean, boxy shape and bamboo-lidded hopper, it looks like something you'd find in that trendy, minimalist coffee shop you know is overpriced but keep going to anyway. This isn't your bulky, plastic single-serve coffee maker—the Cuzen is elegant, saving you space on your countertop while elevating your kitchen's overall aesthetic.

But the matcha it makes is the real showstopper. "It truly makes the best-tasting matcha I’ve tried—it grinds the leaves right in front of you," says Gina Vaynshteyn, Well+Good commerce editor. "I usually add some oat milk to mine for an iced matcha latte, and it’s better than anything I’d get at a café."

Downsides? It's expensive. At $369, it's a luxury item with the price tag to match, so if you're a casual matcha drinker, you might want to stick to a budget-friendly, mix-in powder. However, if matcha is part of your daily routine, then the Cuzen is worth every penny, something that can save you major bucks down the line.

The other con is it's only compatible with Cuzen-brand organic tea leaves, so don't try shoving just any old leaves down the hopper. This is a blessing and a curse, because despite being limited to only Cuzen's leaves, they are relatively affordable. A 20g bag of the brand's signature leaves is just $20 and gives you about 20 cups, so if you do the math, you can get fresh matcha for just $1 a cup. Plus, the leaves are premium, shade-grown from an independent tea farm in Japan, so you're guaranteed to get the best of the best. Tldr; Are you limited to Cuzen's leaves? Yes, but these leaves are so good, you probably won't want to use anything else, anyway.

Making your daily cup of green goodness just got easier. Treat yourself (or another matcha aficionado) to the Cuzen matcha maker. Matcha lovers, I promise—It's well worth the investment.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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