This Major Drugstore Is Going to Make Natural Beauty More Accessible Than Ever

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When you're strolling the beauty aisle at your local drugstore, avoiding toxic ingredients can feel like an impossible task—but today, thankfully, some chains are down with the clean beauty revolution (about time).

First, CVS launched its cleaner skin-care line Promise Organics in 2015. Then the mega pharmacy upped its good-for-you game last year when it introduced wellness products (2,500 of them, to be exact) and replaced some of its grab-and-go junk food with healthier options like Kind bars.

CVS is removing majorly toxic ingredients—parabens, phthalates, and common formaldehyde donors—from its various house brands.

Now, the drugstore has announced that it's removing majorly toxic ingredients that are commonly found in mainstream beauty products—parabens, phthalates, and common formaldehyde donors—from its various house brands.

The change affects roughly 600 personal care products from the CVS Health, Beauty 360, Essence of Beauty, and Blade lines—and Promise Organics is already made without those ingredients.

"We listened when customers voiced their desire for products that still provide the benefits they need with fewer ingredients of concern," says Cia Tucci, vice president of store brands and quality assurance, who notes that this is a natural step in their evolution to chemical safety.

Granted, this doesn't go into effect until 2019—and still leaves plenty of not-so-good-for-you items among the paraben-free alternatives, so there is still some work that needs to be done to truly get rid of toxic beauty.

Still, it does show that when you speak up, you get what you ask for. Next stop, natural beauty lovers? World (detoxified) domination—let's shoot for that.

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