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This Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Will Undo Every Bit of Summer-Induced Hair Damage

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Labor Day Weekend has arrived, and my hair has basically become the physical embodiment of my meh mood about summer ending. Strands that were once smooth and shiny are now dry, broken, and frizzy. Highlights that garnered loads of compliments back in June are now just brassy and sad. In order to give my hair the reset that it needs, I'm stocking my shower with my post-summer go-to: Dae Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment ($28).


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As someone with curly, color-treated hair, I struggle to keep my lengths hydrated—especially at the end of the summer. During this time of year, dryness and damage come to an—excuse the pun—head as a result of being exposed to the elements. UV exposure changes the protein structure of hair to make it more porous, leading to stiffness and color lightening. Meanwhile, salt from ocean water crystallizes on the cuticles (or outer layer) of your hair, causing them to raise and dry out your strands.

To combat these issues as we move into sweater season, saturating your scalp and lengths with moisture is key. When you coat hair with moisturizing ingredients, it helps for the cuticle to lay flat so water can't get into those raise cuticles and cause frizz or oxidize your hair dye to turn it brassy. In other words, by keeping hair moisturized, you're giving it the best shot possible to be healthy.

That's where the Dae Deep Conditioning Treatment comes in. While the conditioner's glorious sunset shade is what initially attracted me to it, its intense hydrating abilities are what keep me coming back for more. Made with a blend of natural oils, the formula is all about infusing your hair with moisture and nutrients in order to help restore it to its former, pre-MDW glory. Coconut and jojoba oils work together to hydrate and repair your hair, protecting it from breakage and frizz while also providing antioxidant protection from environmental stressors. Moringa oil is rich in vitamins A, C, and E and omega fatty acids to protect keratin (which gives the structure of hair support). What's more? The conditioner's intoxicating, citrusy scent smells like a beach vacation in a bottle, which means you can carry a little piece of summer with you all year round.

Simply apply it immediately after you shampoo your hair in the shower, wait five or ten minutes, then rinse. The brand recommends slathering it on one to three times a week as a deep conditioning treatment, but when my hair is feeling extra dry (as in: right now), I use it every time I wash to give it as much moisture as possible. And let me tell you, it works. My only regret is not remembering to integrate it into my 2021 summer routine sooner.

Hack your hair-care routine based on texture by following along with the video below. 


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