5 Resources That Make Daily Anti-Racist Actions a Daily Habit

As many white and white-passing people have learned this summer, anti-racist actions should be as much of a habit as brushing your teeth. “The good news is that racist and antiracist are not fixed identities," writes National Book Award winner and best-selling author Ibram X. Kendi in his book How to Be an Anti-Racist. "We can be a racist one minute and an anti-racist the next. What we say about race, what we do about race, in each moment, determines what—not who—we are." If you're going to decide to fight for racial justice every single day, there are plenty of tools to point you toward daily anti-racist actions you can take for a more diverse and inclusive America.

Below, you'll find five anti-racist guides that will tap you on the shoulder every day to remind you to do the work. Whether you learn best from apps, books, newsletters, or texts, we've got you covered.

Books, newsletters, and apps that provide you with daily anti-racist actions

1. Nicole Cardoza's Anti-Racism Daily Newsletter ($5 to $10 per month)

Nicole Cardoza, founder of Yoga Foster and Reclamation Ventures, recently launched Anti-Racism Daily: a newsletter that drops into your inbox with education and tactics for combatting racism every single day. For a look at the wealth of information these emails provide, check out this post that for information on why racism is, yes, a public health crisis.

2. The Nudge ($5 per month)

You'll want to sign up for this (almost) daily text reminder ASAP so you can start receiving push notifications. Two to three days per week, you'll receive digestible bits of racism knowledge as well as actionable steps that challenge your view of the world, hold companies accountable for their actions, ask policy-makers for more, and empower the next generation of allies. All proceeds of the ongoing text-ivism will go straight to NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

3. Everyday Racism

This free app offers an immersive game that you play for seven consecutive days to unpack your own biases and get accustomed to the racism that's rampant all around you. A week with this app will cement your desire to keep on going every day from now on. Consider this your starting line.

4. This Book Is Anti-Racist: 20 Lessons on How To Wake Up, Take Action, and Do the Work ($14)

You know the journals that ask you to write one line a day? Well, this book is similar, only it's targeted at making you address racism every day. The book has 20 chapters that cover the bases of teaching you about racism before giving you activities to dismantle it. That means you can read one chapter a day for 20 days, or split a chapter over multiple days to really delve deep and take notes.

5. The Great Unlearn, curated by Rachel E. Cargle (self-priced)

A Black American author, academic, speaker, and activist, Cargle now creates a monthly self-paced, self priced learning collective that provides resources for unlearning the biases white people grow up with. The courses include "Unlearning Race," "Unlearning America's Birth History," and "Organizing," so you can purchase a course and separate it out into learning lessons for Monday through Sunday. Then, repeat.

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