How to Handle Inauguration Day Like the Dalai Lama

Photo: Stocksy/Vera Lair
Whether you live in a red state or a blue one, and no matter who you voted for, there's no denying that across the country things are pretty tense. (It's one reason why taking a Twitter break right now is brilliant advice.) So how would a Buddhist handle the anxiety many are feeling about Inauguration Day? The Dalai Lama recently shared his thoughts with CNN, and—no surprise here—his words will soothe your spirit.

"Constant anger is very bad for our health."

His biggest piece of advice: stop being so mad. "Constant anger is very bad for our health," His Holiness says. Right now, anger is running deep across all political parties. But as the Dalai Lama points out, that doesn't mean you have to be a part of it: Progress can be peaceful. "I try to keep compassion," he says. Sure, it's not always easy to be compassionate to people you disagree with on a moral level, but is the alternative—walking around boiling mad—really better?

"Feeling happy is mainly about your own mental attitude," he tells CNN. In other words: you can only control who you are and try to radiate the qualities you think are important.

The Dalai Lama points out that while the president is certainly a powerful figure, there are more important things. "The world belongs to humanity," he says. "Each nation belongs to the people." It's a great reminder that despite who seems to be running things, no one can truly control your being. One thing you can control? Your actions—and the Dalai Lama advises that you "try to be of some service to others." Agree! Maybe even public service? We know some people who can help you with that...

Letting go of anger is easier said than done—here are three tips to try. But first, treat yourself to this amazing and calming mediation led by Gabrielle Bernstein.




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