The Dame Aer Suction Toy Serves the Most Versatile Pleasure Explosion Around

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Suction sex toys are often billed as oral-sex simulators, and while I've wholeheartedly sung their praises, they don't totally mimic the real experience. But the latest option I've tried, the new Dame Aer ($95), is a suction toy that feels distinctly different, in a great way for offering new technology and features that make it, well, more than just an oral-sex simulator.

Like many other suction toys on the market, the Dame Aer uses airflow technology to stimulate the clitoris, which is how vulva-havers tend to orgasm fastest. "The disparity in satisfaction that people with vulvas experience in the bedroom has always been our North Star, and the creation of Aer allows us to provide yet another tool to help get the pleasure they desire," says Alexandra Fine, sexologist and co-founder of Dame. "We could also tell our community was ready for a new adventure—people were straight-up asking for a suction toy in the Dame Labs group."

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But it's not just any suction toy. What immediately sets Dame Aer apart from its competitors is its "mouth." Its size (larger than many), material (squishier), and shape (ovular) allows it to accommodate different body sizes. It also has a little handle that allows you to easily steer and pivot it on your body, making it one of my most ergonomic toys off the bat, and these engineering features lend it to nipple stimulation and breast play.

"By combining a larger opening with its ergonomic shape, Aer makes it easy to place it exactly where you want it and form a more consistent seal with the surface of the body." —Amanda Couto, Dame’s lead mechanical engineer

"By combining a larger opening with its ergonomic shape, Aer makes it easy to place it exactly where you want it and form a more consistent seal with the surface of the body—a good seal is critical to the efficacy of any ‘suction’ product," says Amanda Couto, Dame’s lead mechanical engineer. "Add in the range of patterns with adjustable intensity, and we've got a product that is likely to give any user a smoother and more pleasurable experience every time they use it."

Smooth indeed, folks. Because what's most unique about the product is Aer's pressure wave technology. Instead of sucking, Aer uses a series of rhythmic, gradient pulses to stimulate blood flow and really get you going. It's meant to mimic the flutter of a tongue, and it results in a gentler, but still firmly felt, touch. "My favorite thing about Aer is that it starts off pretty light—I find suction toys to be pretty intense, so having a product we can ease into is very nice," Fine says. Retweet.

Here's what happened when I tried the Dame Aer

I tried out Aer in the shower first since, as I've mentioned, I'm not a huge fan of super-dry oral-sex simulations. For good measure, I also used Foria Awaken Arousal Oil ($48). At first, the toy delivered low-hum pressure before gradually working its way into a palpably delightful plateau, which is the component I miss most about sex with human partners—that entire middle ground of the sexual response cycle, where things just feel consistently awesome.

That's why I was surprised when my orgasm eventually smacked me down with a gaspy, jerky, "I'm seeing stars" kind of climax. It was so lovely, that I immediately took a post-shower nap. Each subsequent time I've tested the Dame Aer since (which has been quite a few, friends), I've had a similar result of conking out after each orgasm. And that's the marker of being fully, truly, really satisfied, in my book.

I will say, as a disclaimer of sorts, that while I find the toy ideal, those who are sensitive in the clitoris region might find the sensations to be overwhelming. Otherwise, I imagine Aer being excellent for all types of pleasure seekers, with that ergonomic shape and steady build to knockout orgasms. Praise be this a zephyr of a pleasure tool.

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