Dame’s New Dip Vibrator Prioritizes Affordability, Accessibility, and Pleasure Versatility

Sexual-wellness products can certainly skew pricey, with four-figure sex toy machines and three-figure luxury vibrators aplenty available for purchase. And sure, high-end pleasure products may be the ones filling your social feeds and friends' night tables. But there actually are high-quality sex toys available at all price points. Consider the Dame Dip, for example, the luxury sexual-health brand's latest vibrator that, at $49, is also among its most affordable and accessible.

The Dame Dip is half the price of most other products oin Dame’s lineup (like the Aer or Com). But, much to my delight (read: orgasm), it’s made of the same high-quality silicone and provides the same sensations that Dame’s become known for. And that lower price doesn't reflect any narrowing of functions; trust that this toy is very versatile.

There are many ways to use the Dame Dip

At five inches long and variable in width, the Dame Dip is a vibrator that can be used both internally and externally. Shaped like the love child of a lipstick or bullet and wand vibrator, Dip features one triangulated edge for pinpointed pleasure and one curved side for broad stimulation. The peaked end is ideal for people who need one very specific place teased and touched in order to climax, while the rounder end is optimal for those who need many nerve endings stimulated at once.

At five inches long and variable in width, the Dame Dip is a vibrator that can be used both internally and externally.

Made from medical-grade silicone, the Dame Dip is also safe to use internally in the vagina, and because it's just five inches long, it’s ideal for G-zone stimulation. “The slight S-shape of the toy makes it easy to dip in and out [of the vaginal canal],” says Alexandra Fine, co-founder and CEO of Dame. As such, someone interested in exploring the blended orgasm might lather Dip with water-based lube and enjoy it internally, while touching themselves externally—or vice versa.

The one erogenous zone where the Dip can’t be used, though, is the anal canal. That’s because a sex toy is only anal-safe if it features a flared base to anchor the toy outside of your body, and the dip does not. (If you’re in the market for an anal-friendly vibrator, I recommend the Zalo Bess 2 or the b-Vibe Rimming Plug instead).

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Why the Dame Dip is an ideal vibrator for most pleasure-seekers

The Dip's versatility isn’t the only thing that makes it good choice for nearly all sex-havers (with the exclusion of folks only interested in anal penetration). It’s also intuitively designed, whisper-quiet, and budget-friendly.

As a sex-toy user and reviewer, nothing irks me more than when the shaft of a sex toy is covered with buttons. More specifically, I can't stand when they're buttons I can’t figure out when I’m 30 seconds and one intensity level away from fireworks. As such, my favorite part of the Dip is that it has just one button. To turn the vibrator on, off, or cycle through five different intensity settings, you simply keep pressing the one, well-placed button. “The one-button control and five intensity settings allow for a straightforward user experience,” says Fine. “The single button also makes the toy more accessible to those who have limited motor function,” she says, noting that the accessibility win may help folks who have arthritis, for instance.

The sex toy is also nearly silent at each of its five intensity levels. “Dip takes away common noise inconveniences of vibrators and allows you to enjoy yourself with complete privacy,” says Fine. So, as you keep your moans down, you’ll be able to use this quiet vibrator without anyone else in the vicinity hearing you. (For what it’s worth, my dog hates the sound of vibrators, yet didn’t bark once while I used Dip.)

And, again, at just $49, Dip is proof positive that you can save your paycheck and get off, too. As Fine puts, “Dip’s accessibility spans both price and pleasure exploration. The toy can help all people to have fun discovering what feels good to them.” Convincing? Very.

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