This 18-Minute Dance Cardio Workout Will Leave Every Muscle in Your Body Quaking

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Right now, when it feels like the world is pretty much falling apart, the best thing any of us can do for ourselves is integrate some joy-sparking activities into our days. And what could be more happiness-inducing than a full-blown cardio dance party at home? (The answer, FYI, is: "Nothing.")

For this week's Trainer of the Month Club workout, DanceBody founder Katia Pryce leads us through exactly that. She's put together an equipment-free cardio dance sequence that is so much fun that—no lie—you won't even realize you're working out.

Dancebody’s motto is “keep moving,” and that’s exactly what you’ll do for 18 minutes straight. You’ll shimmy and shake your way through some peppy tracks, and will be shocked at how hard your muscles are working without any weight involved. When it’s all over you’ll have gotten your daily dose of cardio while also working your arms, abs, and legs. Trust us—you’ll be drenched, but it will be well worth it for the endorphin spike the comes along with all the sweat.

According to pros, there's something to be said about Marie Kondo-ing your workout routine, and stacking it exclusively with modalities that make you happy (which, FWIW, dancing for 18 minutes straight is bound to do). “Moving your body is what is important—circulating the heart flow and getting the energy and the endorphins that you want," says Hillary Cauthen, PsyD, CMPC, and Association for Applied Sport Psychology representative. “If it does bring joy in the moment, it’s probably going to facilitate a lot more of the endorphins you want to see along the way because you’ll be a lot more consistent in doing it.”

In addition to being capital-F-fun, dance cardio workouts like this one come along with some major mind/body benefits. “Physically, dance is a full-body workout that allows you to move every muscle in your body,” Sadie Kurzban, the founder of dance cardio studio 305 Fitness, previously told Well+Good. “Through dance, you also get the added benefit of connecting brain with body. You’re learning a ton of coordination, agility, neuromuscular control and balance, the kinds of skills that help you in any kind of athletic realm but also definitely help you as you age to preserve your memory and everyday function.”

Press play on the video above and treat yourself to a DIY dance party that will leave you feeling great—albeit very, very sweaty.

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