This 20-Minute Dancer Leg Workout Will Light up Your Entire Lower Body

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A good dance workout torches your entire body. It hits your abs hard and gets your heart racing, but the muscles that get the most heat while you’re shaking and shimmying? The ones in your legs. (A dancer leg workout is no joke.)

In this week's edition of Trainer of the Month Club, DanceBody founder (and former pro dancer) Katia Pryce dances her way through a ballet-inspired, lower body sculpting workout that will hit your glutes, quads, and hammies. And the best part? This dancer leg workout will light your core on fire, too. In order to try it on your own, all you’ll need is a mat and a set of two pound weights. “Dancers believe in high reps and low weights, so we’ll be using lighter weights and doing lots of repetitions,” says Pryce. You’ll work one side of your body at a time along with the music, squeezing your muscles in small, repetitive motions to the point of exhaustion. By the end of the first song, you'll seriously be feeling the burn.

One of the greatest parts about dancing your way through a workout is that, as you start moving along with the beat, you start working up a sweat and working out your entire body (without having to crank through a bunch of traditional workout moves). Throughout this lower body series, it's important to make sure you engage your abs and keep your head high and your shoulders back (ya know: remind yourself to have good posture). "Nothing should be happening above the waist," says Pryce. "Remember to breathe and squeeze your abs." That way, you'll sneakily be getting your core work in, too.

Because the moves hit so many different parts of your body, it's quick and efficient—you only need 20 minutes and you'll be done for the day. Press play on the video above and embrace your inner Beyoncé. You'll be feeling bootylicious in no time at all.

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