I Have Flat Feet, and These Podatrist-Approved Slippers Are a Life-Saver for My Arches

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Fellow cozy lovers: I know you know that not all slippers are created equally. Design details, like heel support and outsole grip, can turn a dreamy pair of slippers into nightmares for feet. If you have flat feet like I do? Forget it. The wrong pair of house shoes can leave you more uncomfortable than before, making you wonder why you didn't just go barefoot in the first place. 

As someone with very flat feet, I'm very particular about my slippers. My feet seem to be perpetually cold, so wearing them around the house is a must. But without the right amount oomph in my arches, and my back and hips are sure to get achy and sore. That's why the Dansko Lucie Mule ($125) has landed on my list of approved slippers I wear indoors. With flat as feet as mine, these wool slippers transport my arches to Cloud 9.

Dansko, Lucie Mule — $125.00

Give achy arches a break with these snuggly slippers, also available in black, red, navy, and grey.

Dansko has been making legendary comfortable clogs since the '90s, winning the approval from podiatrists, all thanks to their legendary heel support and roomy toe boxes that are extra-snug on tired trotters. They recently launched their first slipper, the Lucie Mule, which is just as cozy as its signature clogs.

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A lot of their comfort comes from the uppers, which are crafted from a warm, wool blend that keeps even the chilliest toes (aka, mine) toasty. But the real game-changer comes from their supreme arch support, which you can physically see in the curve of the outsole. Lined with a low density EVA footbed, the insole of these naturally cushion fallen arches, giving you a lift where you need it most, which helps alleviate stress on sensitive areas through the foot and rest of the body.

Unlike other slippers, it also features an elevated heel, which takes a load off ache-prone joints. As Dr. Nelya Lobkova, DPM, a board-certified podiatrist at Step Up Podiatry, previously told us, slightly elevated heels (particularly those of at least 5 centimeters) work wonders for feet and legs. "The benefit of an elevated heel or platform when standing for long hours is to minimize stress and strain on the calf, specifically the Achilles tendon," Dr. Lobkova said. Working from home, I'm usually up and down on my feet all day—the subtle, 1-inch heel gives me a little more relief compared to when I stand flat-footed.

They're not just for flat feet—scroll through the reviews on these Dansko slippers and you'll find other fussy (and more easy-going) feet just as happy. One reviewer praised them for being cozy from the start, not requiring any breaking in: "Cushy on hard floors and a relief for my plantar fasciitis. My fifth Dansko product and very pleased!" she wrote.

Another Amazon customer loved them so much, she bought a second pair in a different color. "Unbelievably comfortable," she wrote. "I have achy feet with arthritis and these are a dream to walk in."

If you're as picky about your slippers as I am, give the Lucie Mule a try. They come in five fun shades (including a trendy leopard print) that look great, but feel even better. Shop them directly from Dansko or buy a pair on Amazon.

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