This Blowout Treatment Made My Hair Shiny for 2 Weeks—And It’s All Natural

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Though I have a solid hair-care and skin-care routine at home, I love going in for a treatment with a professional to ensure my strands and skin are in tip-top shape. To me, this is a fundamental part of how I take care of myself—like an oil change or 10,000 mile service for your car, you know?

When it comes to maintaining your mane, more and more hair and scalp treatments have been making their way into the mainstream, with different goals and effects in mind. I’ve personally been on the quest for hydrated, silky, shiny strands, aka “glass hair,” my entire life. This desire only deepened after moving to Paris where the hard water has left my hair and skin a bit drier than usual. So when I heard that a customized, personal-to-you hair treatment that takes 90 seconds during the shampoo process of a blowout could address these concerns, my interest was immediately piqued.

Davines’ Herbal Hair Infusion Service is an in-salon treatment tailored to your hair from the eco-conscious, luxury hair-care brand based in Parma, Italy. When I booked my appointment to try it, I was told that not only would my hair be flawless for weeks, but the formula was made from natural ingredients without using abrasive chemicals.

As a certified B Corp, Davines is on a quest to not just be sustainable, but regenerative. Its farm-to-salon process starts in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy, where you’ll find its scientific garden and regenerative agricultural center, as well as an on-site lab for product development; from there, the finished products are delivered to its salons.

But could Davines’ Herbal Hair Infusion Service, devoid of the heavier-duty chemical ingredients I’m used to receiving at a salon, be just as good?

I walked in to my appointment at the Davines academy in Paris with Mathilde Brouard, a highly sought after Parisian stylist, excited for a mini makeover and a “health” treatment for my hair. While Brouard took a look at my hair and scalp, I completed a digital evaluation questionnaire that asked me a few questions about my hair health and routine.

From there, the algorithm picks from one of the four bases (volume, moisture, radiance, strength) and one of the six boosters (volumizing, hydrating, illuminating, fortifying, controlling, blonde brightening) that allow stylists to customize combos for clients in order to achieve their desired hair goals. In my case, I had just had my hair colored, and I naturally (unfortunately) have dry hair, so we opted for the moisture base and topped it off with the illuminating booster to protect my new color and add some shine.

Brouard had me sit back for the shampoo portion of my blowout, and in between washing and conditioning my hair, she applied the custom formula for 90 seconds.

I could immediately feel that my hair had added suppleness; we then moved to the styling chair of the salon, and the subsequent blowout had a flawless finish and mirror-like shine.

According to Brouard, this is because of the next-gen tech in the treatment—which really shows itself off in freshly-done hair, and makes strands easier to style. “The effects and results are immediate, there’s no wait time, and it leaves the hair—no matter the original state—soft, smooth, brilliantly silky, and repaired," she says.

As for the cost? The brand tells me Davines’ Herbal Hair Infusion Service is priced at 20 percent of the cost of your blowout. So, let’s say you spent $60 on a blowout, you’d pay an additional $12 for the treatment (which is what I paid for my last oat milk latte in New York City to put things into perspective).

So how did this treatment hold up post-salon sesh?

My hair was glistening and glinting like the McBling era of 2004 for two weeks (about five shampoos later). I truly felt beautiful with shiny, healthy hair, and I’m also incredibly impressed at how the treatment could provide such gorgeous results using natural ingredients. To extend the life of this blowout treatment (trust me on this one) I’m using Davines’ at-home, in-shower shine treatment, Oi Liquid Luster ($53).

Because this is so bespoke and customized, it can work for virtually any hair type and goal. Whether you need fortification for breakage, volume for limp or thinning hair, or smoothness and frizz control, there’s a combination available.

I look at a treatment like this the same way I’d look at a facial; it helps with your hair health while giving an immediate glow (read: immediate results with long term benefits). Though I will say, this cost significantly less than my last facial….

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