The Sustainable Hair Care Brand Celebs Have Loved for Decades Just Launched Its Most Eco-Friendly Initiative Yet

Photo: Courtesy of Davines
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These days, celebrities and sustainable beauty brands go hand-in-hand. From A-list endorsements, like Drew Barrymore's partnership with Garnier, to celeb-owned Earth-friendly brands, like Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty or Alicia Keys' Keys Soulcare, stars love sustainability. We love to see it!

But few brands have been beloved by celebs as long as Davines, the salon-quality haircare brand that's made Earth its main focus for decades. Since 2005—when the Davines Sustainable Beauty brand was born—A-listers have relied on the stuff to wash, protect, and style their strands: In 2010, Jennifer Aniston's stylist told Cosmopolitan that her honey blonde highlights were courtesy of Davines Alchemic Shampoo ($32). More recently, Hailey Bieber told Vogue that the OI All In One Milk ($38) was her "go to." Emma Stone, Felicity Jones, Connie Britton, Suki Waterhouse... the list of Davines diehards goes on and on.

In some (finally) good climate news, the sustainable haircare brand just launched its eco-friendliest product yet, along with its first socio-environmental initiative. Yesterday, Davines announced We Sustain Beauty, a movement determined to mitigate climate change through the powers of regenerative organic agriculture, backed by a planet-powered hair-and-body wash, We Stand for Regeneration ($26). According to a press release, Davines plans to donate nearly $51,000 of (50,000€) from the proceeds to two organizations advocating for climate protection through organic farming: The Rodale Institute (which Davines partnered with last year to create the Davines Group-Rodale Institute European Regenerative Organic Center in Parma, Italy), and the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, which protects food biodiversity across the world.

Davines, We Stand for Regeneration Hair/Body Wash — $26.00

"We hope to continue to educate consumers and farmers about the importance of regenerative agriculture," Davines' North America CEO, Alejandro Lopez, says. "We also hope this initiative encourages salon owners to take small steps in making their salons more sustainable and become more educated about the importance of biodiversity on a global scale."

If you're thinking, "Regenera-whozeewhatee?" don't worry, we'll explain. The scientific term is a conservation technique farmers and other crop-growers use to improve the quality of the land and, in turn, combat climate change. Rather than using traditional industrial practices, like  harmful pesticides and fossil-fuel based technologies, regenerative agriculture uses sustainable approaches to protect the farmland for the long haul—still reaping its benefits, but doing so in a way that restores the soil and stabilizes carbon emissions.

Here's what Davines is doing to help: First is their new, 2-in-1 hair and body wash, which they've dubbed a "manifesto product." It's made with two star "activist ingredients" that pack a punch for your hair and skin while also raising awareness about the powers of regenerative agriculture. There's Barbera grape pomace extract, a lustrous active grown from an Italian vineyard that uses regenerative practices, and green aniseed extract, sourced from a small, slow-food farm in Castignano, Italy. The clean, heavenly wash itself is highly biodegradable and vegan friendly, plus is bottled in plastic-neutral packaging.

Asides from the donations, shoppers can show their support for regenerative, organic food practices by signing a letter addressing the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The letter expresses support for regenerative organic agriculture and biodiversity for humanity and the planet, while calling the agency to do the same.

It's only a matter of time before celebrities get their hands on this good-for-a-cause-body-and-hair-gel—it's so luscious. The ingredients and scent are one thing, but the ethos is another. For $26, it's an investment both your beauty routine and the planet will appreciate.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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