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How the End of Daylight Saving May Affect You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The dimmest days of winter are on the horizon: With the end of daylight saving time for 2021 arriving on November 7, we’ll be falling back an hour, and, in turn, shifting the sunset even earlier in the evening. As a result, we’re poised to feel a loss of energy—astrologically speaking, that is, says Ryan Marquardt, an astrologer for The Soul Unity. Just how the effect of that energetic shift may manifest for your sign, though, will depend upon not only the end of daylight saving, but also several simultaneous cosmic shifts.

“The sun represents our vitality in astrology,” Marquardt says. “With less exposure to it this time of year, we might also feel lackluster and sluggish.” Consider the more literal theme of the sun, as the celestial body that illuminates our surroundings, and it’s possible that with the dip in daylight, we may also find it tougher to see clearly or optimistically, he adds.

"The sun represents our vitality in astrology. With less exposure to it this time of year, we might feel lackluster and sluggish." —astrologer Ryan Marquardt

And this year, in particular, certain astrological transits make that dark and moody atmospheric effect even more potent. When the end of daylight saving time arrives, the sun, Mercury, and Mars will all be in the intense fixed sign of Scorpio, making significant aspects, says Marquardt.

Given that Scorpio naturally deals with themes of the underworld and darkness, it’s worth understanding how these transits, coupled with the shorter daylight forecast, could interact with your particular zodiac sign. Below, Marquardt walks through the themes most likely to surface during this time for each sign, and how to best weather these waves.

Read on to learn the effect of the end of daylight saving in 2021 on each zodiac sign:


Your big-picture financial situation may be called into question, Aries. In particular, your attention may be turned to any passive income or debts, like stocks and taxes, as Mercury in Scorpio resides in your eighth house of resources. Thankfully, the planet also forms a supportive sextile to Venus in Capricorn, giving you the goal-oriented push necessary for you to rethink your savings plan or restructure your budget.


It's high time to get to know thyself, Taurus. That's because you might experience some friction in relationships with others, as the sun in your seventh house of partnerships opposes Uranus, which has been transiting in your first house of identity. "Too much emphasis on romantic or business partners during this time will just slow down your growth, which has the ability to take a big leap right now," says Marquardt. It's okay to put others' needs and wants on pause right now in favor of your own.


Things may be little cloudy for you, Gemini. In addition to the lack of clarity generated by the oncoming winter darkness, you may experience some upheaval within your routine, with Mars residing in your sixth house of health and habits entering a tough opposition with taskmaster Saturn. "You feel unsure as to why you need to adjust your routine, aside from the fact that the clock is changing," says Marquardt. "This has you feeling a bit existential, which may be unfamiliar territory for you."


You may feel a bit stymied creatively, as the daylight saving period ends, Cancer. As with Gemini, the current positioning of Mars and Saturn, relative to your sign, is a bit at odds: Mars is in your fifth house, moving you toward the depths of your creative pursuits, while Saturn is in your eighth house, perhaps highlighting financial or other external obligations that are blocking your path. Exercise patience, and reman focused on your creative goals, roadblocks notwithstanding, says Marquardt.


Keep an eye on the line marking your work-life boundary, Leo. Marquardt notes the potential for a "seesaw effect between your private and public life," as the sun residing in your fourth house of home opposes Saturn in your 10th house of career. An occurrence or discovery at home could prompt a breakthrough in your reputation, or perhaps, a change in your workplace has you clinging more tightly to your home life, says Marquardt.


Communication is a major theme for you, Virgo, as we shift into the dimmer winter days. Your ruling plant of Mercury is in your third house of communication and forms a supportive sextile with Venus in your fifth house of creativity. Because you feel that you have an important message to share with someone you love, you could struggle a bit to find the right words, says Marquardt. But if you take your methodical time (as you're wont to do), you'll convey your thoughts in a way that feels fitting.


"The change in time has you thinking about changes in your resources, Libra," says Marquardt. Remember all those planets in Scorpio? Well, they're all in your second house of money, and with Scorpio's influence, they're pushing you toward a deep dive into the complexity of your current financial situation. You could uncover creative new ways to get out of debt, invest in a lucrative business, or even jump on the cryptocurrency train; in any case, financial innovation could shift your perspective.


You're more comfortable in darkness than most signs, Scorpio, so you could feel more at ease while opening up or becoming more vulnerable with a loved one as a result. Thanks to Uranus in your seventh house of partnerships, you feel inspired to share your emotions—and more assured of the fact that doing so will put you at peace with yourself, says Marquardt.


Take the shorter days and longer nights of winter as your cue to slow down and introspect, Sagittarius. The moon in your sign shifts into a square with mystical Neptune, activating your dream state, both in waking life and while you're asleep, says Marquardt: "Let yourself visualize the possibilities ahead of you rather than jumping at the first opportunity. Your hidden strength right now lies in your ability to sit and ponder."


Your friends are on your mind, Capricorn. Mercury in your 11th house of community and associations makes a positive aspect to Venus in your first house of identity, and, as a result, an acquaintance could make a choice or change that benefits you. Because of the close connection of this occurrence with your sense of self, however, it's important not to attach yourself co-dependently. "Uranus in your fifth house of creativity wants you to bet on your own strengths and talents rather than become reliant," says Marquardt.


You could face some friction at work, Aquarius. Not only does it feel like you have fewer hours in the day to accomplish your responsibilities, but also, a tough square between rigid Saturn in your sign and Mars in your 10th house of career has you struggling to keep up with demands. "Your energy is likely to dwindle if you're bending over backward to meet new expectations," says Marquardt. "Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew."


A reality check may be in store for you, Pisces. While your planetary ruler, dreamy Neptune, has been transiting comfortably in your house for a while, a tough square with the moon in your 10th house of career opens your eyes to a less idealized truth than you're used to. In order to avoid a shock, be careful not to get swept off your feet by an opportunity that seems too good to be true, says Marquardt.

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