How the End of Daylight Saving Time (November 6) Affects Your Zodiac Sign

The dimmest days of winter are on the horizon: With the end of daylight saving time for 2022 arriving on November 6, we’ll be falling back an hour, and, in turn, shifting the sunset to even earlier in the evening. As a result, we’re poised to feel a loss of energy—astrologically speaking, that is, says astrologer Ryan Marquardt. Just how the effect of this energetic shift on November 6 may manifest for your zodiac sign, though, will depend upon not only the end of daylight saving time itself, but also several cosmic shifts happening right around this time.

“The sun represents our vitality in astrology,” Marquardt says. “With less exposure to it this time of year, we might feel lackluster and sluggish.” As the days get shorter and the nights longer, we’re also mentally preparing for the darkness to come. “The fall is a time for harvest, where we're gathering everything we've grown in the spring and summer, and we're trying to find ways of preserving our resources so we can get through the winter,” he adds.

In that realm, the overarching theme for the end of daylight saving time will be one of preservation, says Marquardt. He suggests asking yourself: How can you use what you have at your disposal right now? And, how can you conserve your resources and sustain yourself?

How the astrological landscape will affect the vibe as we reach the end of daylight saving in 2022

This year, in particular, it’ll be important to conserve our energy as we lose the vibrancy of the sun, given a few coinciding astrological transits. As of October 30, Mars, the planet of action, is retrograde, which “just makes us feel even less motivated to make moves in our own best interest,” says Marquardt. “You may find that you don’t have as much energy as usual, and in order to avoid burnout and exhaustion, it’ll be important to catch up on sleep, clear your schedule, and take a step back to assess where your energy may be being wasted right now.”

At the same time, as the end of daylight saving approaches on November 6, the sun will have just crossed the south node in Scorpio, says astrologer Alexandria Lettman, founder of spiritual-wellness platform Jupiter Jewel. “This is a mathematical point that represents our emotional attachments to our past and subconscious connection to karma,” she says. And as the sun highlights this intense energy, we could feel challenged to “release patterns of self-doubt and move on from recurring cycles,” she says.

“Change is a constant, and we want to embrace that right now, even if it means letting go of something you used to find valuable.” —Ryan Marquardt, astrologer

That energy will only be further magnified by the upcoming total lunar eclipse on November 8, just a couple days after the end of daylight saving—but Marquardt suspects we’ll be feeling it a few days beforehand. Given that eclipses generally bring major, unexpected changes, he predicts even bigger upheaval as we transition to darker days. “The end of daylight saving time this year isn't merely about changing the clock,” he says. “It's about the times changing in general, and noticing that something has to give. Change is a constant, and we want to embrace that right now, even if it means letting go of something you used to find valuable.”

To figure out what that might look like for you, specifically, it’s helpful to consider how these shifts will pan out for your zodiac sign. Below, Marquardt and Lettman share the themes most likely to surface for each sign during this time, and how to best handle the change.

Read on to learn the effect of the end of daylight saving in 2022 for your zodiac sign


It’s important for you to let go of the need to have it all figured out right now, Aries. Just before the moon shifts into Taurus and forms a total eclipse, it’ll be in your sign, as the end of daylight saving time arrives.

“This can create the feeling that something big is coming, and you may be trying to figure out how you can prepare for it,” says Marquardt. But in actuality, you’ll benefit more by surrendering to the unknown, he says. No matter how much prep work you put into something, it’s always possible for something unexpected to happen at a moment’s notice.


With the sun in your zodiacal opposite of Scorpio, and also crossing paths with the south node in Scorpio, you could be feeling some push-pull energy between the past and the future, Taurus. “You could catch yourself thinking about an ex-partner or the early days of your current partnerships,” says Lettman. “Try not to make comparisons and instead consider what the feelings you’re having might say about what you really want from a relationship.”

To give yourself room for that introspection, it’s important to make time for self care, particularly ahead of the upcoming eclipse in your sign. “Self-preservation is key for you right now,” says Marquardt. “You can only show up in the world as much as you're willing to show up for yourself.”


Your daily routines and regimens are at the focus of this astrological shift, Gemini. As the sun in Scorpio shakes up your sixth house of rituals, you may find that you have habits that no longer serve you, says Marquardt. This may be tough to recognize, particularly with your go-go-go spirit, but “if you keep charging ahead at the same pace, you risk totally falling apart,” he says. By releasing yourself from unhealthy patterns or behaviors, you’ll free up time and space for supportive ones to form—like perhaps meditation or journaling, he adds.


You may feel a bit stymied creatively, as the daylight saving period ends, Cancer. The sun hits on your fifth house of pleasure and romance as it loses its energetic standing, which could leave you feeling like the things that used to bring you joy suddenly feel draining, says Marquardt. And that includes relationships: You could feel friction with loved ones, clinging to them out of fear of betrayal or abandonment, says Lettman: “Consider how much your past experiences with love may be influencing you subconsciously, and how you might learn to love in a new way.” Taking up a new project or finding a change of scenery could help you shift your perspective.


Your creature comforts could be calling you, Leo. As we shift into a season that is the polar opposite of the one you rule, you’re looking to find safety and security in a favorite TV show or snack or pair of shoes, says Marquardt. But you could find that this thing is somehow inaccessible or isn’t providing the feeling once it did, leaving you somewhat in limbo. “You’re being called to branch out or take a risk,” says Marquardt. Being brave enough to do might just bring a new favorite thing your way.


Your sense of judgment, control, and criticism lends you your discerning eye, but it can also go extreme, “causing you to resist the natural flow of life,” says Lettman. When this happens, releasing these self-limiting thought patterns will be necessary for you to move forward without creating additional obstacles for yourself, she says. That might look like finding new ways to challenge your negative inner-monologue, says Marquardt: “This is an excellent time for Virgo to start incorporating positive affirmations in their daily routine.”


In the weeks after your season has ended, you could feel as if you’ve lost some of your usual charm and confidence, Libra. And perhaps fears of instability are creeping into your personal relationships as a result, says Lettman.

It’s important to use this time of change to consider whether you actually do need or even want to win everyone over in your life—and whether you might be lost in a people-pleasing cycle. “Rather than overly investing in someone else right now, do something for yourself instead,” says Marquardt. “Take yourself to dinner, book yourself a massage, or just pencil in time for yourself. This way, you can show up better for others, and they’ll respect you more as well.”


As all the cosmic upheaval arrives in the midst of your season, you could be feeling like you’re going through a full-blown identity crisis, Scorpio. “This shakeup could be a hit to the ego, but don’t let it turn you into a recluse,” says Marquardt. Remember: You’re not typically one to shy away from transformation—given your rulership by Pluto, planet of renewal and rebirth—and this time should be no different. In fact, leaning into the moment by spending time with the people who lift you up could bring you into a more holistic version of yourself, says Marquardt.


You’re normally a ball of fire and energy, Sagittarius, but with winter on the horizon, you could feel quieter and less lively than usual, says Lettman. “Use this time to monitor any changes to your mental health,” she suggests, and embrace a daily routine to keep from getting caught up in your own thoughts. Even if it’s just something small, like committing to a new morning ritual or committing to meal-prepping, “the simple act of commitment will reignite your sense of purpose,” says Marquardt.


You could find yourself reevaluating your friendships, Capricorn. With the sun in Scorpio highlighting your 11th house of community, your moment for change or release this season could arise within this network. “You don't need to cut friends out or lose anyone from your life necessarily,” says Marquardt, “but you may need to stop over-identifying with everyone else's expectations of you.”

If these relationships aren’t bringing pleasure, it’s okay to pursue it independently, perhaps through creative endeavors. “The happiness that comes from following your heart will outweigh any discord in your friendships, and your true friends will be happy just knowing that you're happy,” says Marquardt.


Career changes could be in the stars for you, Aquarius. It’s possible that the energetic shift happening at this moment could cause you to realize that your tunnel vision or high ambition have left you feeling burnt out or uninspired, says Lettman. “Instead of just propelling forward, take some time to reflect on what is mentally holding you back and interfering with your drive,” she says.

Recalibrating in this way might mean spending time with close loved ones or family members or otherwise returning to your roots. “Family can be your rock right now, and investing your time and resources into your private life can help you stand more firmly in your public life,” says Marquardt.


You could find yourself with the urge to escape the mundanity of life, Pisces. But while you’re particularly good at escapism, given your rich imagination and penchant for dreams and discoveries, your current desires to get away might be rooted in something deeper, says Marquardt. Consider what personal journey you might embark on without physically going anyway, he suggests. “Read a book about self-growth, sign up for a new class that interests you, talk to a mentor about their life philosophy—anything that can broaden your mind in a meaningful way,” he says.

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