How the End of Daylight Saving Time (November 5) Affects Your Zodiac Sign This Year

The dimmest days of winter are on the horizon: With the end of daylight saving time for 2023 arriving on November 5, we’ll be falling back an hour, and, in turn, shifting the sunset to even earlier in the evening. Typically, this decline in sunlight brings about a loss of energy and a quieter, slower vibe, astrologically speaking. But this year, the end of daylight saving time comes along with a few cosmic shifts that have a ripple effect of get-it-done energy for all zodiac signs.

“We have the underlying energy of fall, which is all about going within and embracing darkness, but after October’s eclipse season, there’s also a sense of resilience and ‘you’ve got this’ energy,” says astrologer Narayana Montúfar, author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. That means that as daylight saving time ends this year, we won’t just be prepping to hibernate; we’ll be integrating the lessons of this year’s eclipses and entering a new chapter of our lives.

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What we can expect, astrologically, from the end of daylight saving time in 2023

As we roll back the clocks, we can all anticipate a boost of determination thanks to Mars (the planet of action), which entered Scorpio, the sign over which it traditionally rules—and where its presence is especially powerful—on October 12, just before the start of Scorpio season.

This could come especially in handy this weekend as Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, stations direct on November 4 (ending a months-long retrograde), saddling us all with additional responsibilities. “When Saturn stations, we tend to have big things happening in our lives and feel a newfound sense of responsibility to get stuff done,” says Montúfar.

“When Saturn stations, we tend to have big things happening in our lives and feel a newfound sense of responsibility to get stuff done.” —Narayana Montúfar, astrologer

This energy runs counter to how we usually think about the coming darkness—as a time to rest and reflect—but it doesn’t mean that we’re totally discounting that notion. After all, the darkness may still put a damper on our drive. “The sun recharges us, so when sunsets arrive earlier, we can find that our energy tends to run out faster, and we naturally start slowing down,” says astrologer Alexandria Lettman, founder of spiritual-wellness platform Jupiter Jewel. In turn, it’s still a smart idea to align your habits with nature’s modus operandi by prioritizing sleep and setting aside time for yourself.

After all, the end of daylight saving time also means the start of the season during which the moon’s reign in the sky is stronger than the sun’s. “The moon represents self care, our internal world, and our emotional fluctuations,” says Lettman, and its growing presence during this time of year makes it that much more important to tend to all of the above.

To figure out how these energetic shifts will pan out for you, specifically, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs, and pick up star-sanctioned advice for smoothing your transition to shorter days and longer nights.

Here's the effect of the end of daylight saving time in 2023 for all zodiac signs


On the heels of a dramatic eclipse season, you're moving into an internally focused phase, Aries. Considering your own contributions to your most intimate relationships will be your focus, says Lettman, as the sun in Scorpio transits your eighth astrological house of sex, taboos, vulnerability, and other people's possessions.

"Aries must use this time to take more accountability for how they express themselves when they are emotional or defensive," says Lettman. You might consider using journaling or vent writing as an outlet or seeking the advice of a trusted friend, confidant, or therapist on approaching delicate situations with more empathy.


With the sun in your zodiacal opposite of Scorpio, and thus moving through your seventh house of partnerships, you could find yourself investing more time into your closest bonds, Taurus. Your ruling planet Venus is also forming a supportive trine with Pluto, aka the ruler of Scorpio season, infusing an extra dose of passion and desire into your love life, says Montúfar.

You'll spend time contemplating whether (and if so, how) you want to deepen your closest connections—and whether there may be someone in your life whom you've been overlooking.


Your daily routines and regimens are at the focus of this astrological shift, Gemini, as the sun in Scorpio shakes up your sixth house of rituals. You're going to be busy, says Montúfar, so try to prioritize sleep and limit aimless phone scrolling so you can knock everything off your to-do list.

Lettman says this is also a chance to look at how your schedule affects your well-being. Figure out how you might re-prioritize parts of your day to strike a balance between what you have to do and what you want to do.


The juices of creativity are flowing for you, Cancer. The sun hits on your fifth house of pleasure and romance, and active Mars in Scorpio gives you the push you might need to start whatever project has been percolating, says Lettman.

That energy extends to your love life, too, adds Lettman, noting a "boost of intensity" in this realm. Take advantage by scouting out or planning first dates if you're single or scheduling a romantic date night if you're partnered.


You might be a little on edge as the end of daylight saving time arrives, Leo. The emotions-centric quarter moon is in your sign on the day we roll the clocks back. "Quarter moons bring anxiety, so it's good for you to relax that day by hanging out with your favorite people who give you the attention you crave," says Montúfar. Given that the sun in Scorpio is in your fourth house of familial roots and foundations, you may find additional comfort from turning to your family or spending some time making your home an especially soothing space for the impending winter.


Your sense of judgment, control, and criticism lends you your discerning eye, Virgo, but it can also go extreme, “causing you to resist the natural flow of life,” says Lettman. Venus, the planet of love, is in your sign, where it's considered to be in "fall," or in an uncomfortable and unnatural positioning, which could make you feel like you're needlessly going against the grain.

"There's a bit of confusing energy for Virgo, so they need to take it easy, sleep in, and practice some extra self care, instead of being concerned with other people," says Montúfar. Consider spending Sunday with your phone on "Do Not Disturb."


In the weeks after your season has ended, you could feel as if you’ve lost some of your usual charm and confidence, Libra. Perhaps you're recovering financially from a birthday splurge, as the sun in Scorpio moves through your second house of personal resources and money. According to Lettman, this is a time to investigate what it is you really need (material or otherwise) to feel secure and stable.

It's also about prioritizing your own needs, rather than buckling to the needs of someone else. "If you focus on personal stability without making excuses for why you don't have what you need or want, you'll succeed a lot faster," says Lettman.


The end of daylight saving time falls smack-dab in the middle of your season, Scorpio, as the sun in your sign is illuminating your first house of identity. Because personal planets Mars and Mercury have also been moving through your sign, you've likely been feeling like an amped-up version of yourself lately.

That said, the transition to longer nights and shorter days could also have you a bit reactive, says Lettman. Your challenge this weekend will be to "focus on yourself and stay in your own lane, without worrying about competing with others," she says.


You’re normally a ball of fire and energy, Sagittarius, but with winter on the horizon, you could feel a bit drained lately, particularly as the sun moves through your 12th house of the subconscious mind. "There's a lot happening behind the scenes for you, perhaps intense dreams and restless nights," says Montúfar.

While you're no stranger to deep contemplation, you could find yourself brooding more over your revelations, making this an important time to rest and reflect, says Lettman. Be sure to prioritize sleep, and leave plenty of me-time in your schedule to spend with your thoughts.


You could find yourself reevaluating your friendships and other connections, Capricorn. With the sun in Scorpio highlighting your 11th house of community, you're feeling tuned into your networks and curious about the kinds of collaborations that might bring mutual benefit. "You're eager to find people in your social circle who can help you make particular goals happen and fulfill your dreams," says Montúfar.


You're feeling especially determined, Aquarius. The sun is in your 10th house of career and reputation as the end of daylight saving time arrives, giving you an extra dose of determination and motivation to nail whatever task is front of you, says Lettman. Ever the big-picture thinker, you may also be trying to make headway on longer-term goals. Just remember that "consistency and steadiness are key," Lettman adds, and taking a beat before acting can ensure you're pushing forward in the right direction.


Your penchant for dreaming big can sometimes put your head in the clouds, Pisces, but as we approach winter, you're faced with a certain clarity of mind. That's all thanks to taskmaster Saturn, which has been retrograde in your sign for months, turning direct on November 4, right before we roll the clocks back. "You've likely been a little confused or unsettled for the past five months, as having Saturn retrograde in your sign is not easy," says Montúfar. "But now, it's almost like you're waking up from a long nap and you know the next step you want to take in your life."

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