How the Start of Daylight Saving Time May Affect Your Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

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When the clocks "fall back" every November, marking the end of daylight saving time, it serves as a reminder to folks that the colder, shorter days of winter are upon us, and we may be more susceptible to a downward shift in health and mood as a result. The good news? Those days are just about over: On March 13, we're set to start daylight saving time, which will lead to more daylight hours. The additional exposure to the sun is thought to bring a boost of energy, astrologically speaking. But this year, a few other astrological transits coinciding with the start of daylight saving time could also affect each zodiac sign in a more challenging way, obscuring clarity and pushing us toward a new healing journey.

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Given that we're currently in mystical Pisces season and the sun in Pisces is moving toward a conjunction with the equally illusive Neptune (Pisces's planetary ruler), it may feel tough for all of us to see things as they are and clearly communicate our intentions this weekend, says astrologer Monisha Holmes. Add to that vibe the recent arrival of structural Saturn in Pisces, too, and things get even wonkier. "You may find yourself doing one thing but thinking another," says Holmes of the discordant Saturn-in-Pisces energy. "This can be a very confusing time for people who haven't been living authentically or for those being manipulated in any way by others because there's this theme of having to confront reality."

"This is a wonderful opportunity to do some deep soul-healing of any of your core wounds and to have compassion for yourself and other people." —Celeste Brooks, astrologer

Luckily, however, this weekend also brings cosmic support for inner healing and personal growth. Expansive Jupiter, which rules over luck and good fortune, also connects with the asteroid Chiron, which reflects our biggest weakness or struggle. "This is a wonderful opportunity to do some deep soul-healing of any of your core wounds and to have compassion for yourself and other people," says astrologer Celeste Brooks.

Indeed, the moon's transits this upcoming weekend double down on that need for softness. It moves into intense Scorpio on Friday, potentially triggering deep feelings and causing us all to be more sensitive than usual. Not to mention its opposition with Uranus this weekend, too, which can signal sudden events and emotional shifts, according to Brooks. To weather the intensity, she recommends moving your body—whether that's at the gym or outside—to help clear your head.

Exactly how you'll experience this emotional energy will depend, in part, on your birth chart. Below, Brooks and Holmes break down how the start of daylight saving time (and the coinciding astrological array) will affect each zodiac sign.

Read on to learn how the start of daylight saving time will affect your zodiac sign


This weekend is one best spent self-reflecting, Aries. Jupiter, Chiron, and Venus are all in your sign, putting the focus on core elements of your personal identity. According to Brooks, you may also have some especially wild dreams because both the sun and Neptune are in your 12th house of the inner psyche. She suggests keeping a dream journal to parse through them. Just be sure that any introspecting you do steers clear of "harmful escapism or self-undoing tendencies" during this emotion-filled weekend, she warns.


Consider spending time with a close friend this weekend, Taurus. Saturn has just moved into your 11th house, which governs groups and communities. In particular, Brooks recommends reaching out to a friend you haven’t seen in a while, especially if you’re worried that they may be suffering from loneliness or lack of connection.

That said, it's important to avoid taking on the burden of others' problems as your own. This can mean maintaining some distance rather than jumping in to save a friend when they raise an issue because “sometimes, the best lesson we can learn is from watching people save themselves and being a helpful guide when that's needed,” says Holmes.


Use this weekend to rest up, Gemini, because you could be on the cusp of some important career moves. With Saturn in your 10th house of career, Brooks says it’s a time to be careful about what you say and do at work. Double-check your calendar and assignment list and “be aware that there could be consequences if you mix anything up,” she says.

In the same vein, Holmes advises tamping down any feelings of career envy, overwhelm, or confusion by connecting openly with others. “You might be feeling overwhelmed by your career path and who you’re becoming,” she says. To combat these feelings, “look and learn from” the people around you.


Consider exploring ways to expand your horizons this weekend, Cancer. Pisces season highlights your ninth house, which corresponds with higher-level learning and philosophy. In turn, you might research a new class to take or plan a trip.

While you're doing so, be sure to keep an open mind: Whatever piques your interest now might not make complete sense to you in terms of how it will fit into your life and career, says Holmes—but that's okay. “If it interests you, seek to learn it,” she says. “The fact that you're drawn to it is enough of a reason to pursue it.”


Be careful with how you communicate this weekend, Leo. According to Brooks, this is a time to “consider your shadows” because the sun in Pisces resides in your eighth house of deep psychological processes. That means thinking about what you'd like to disown or let go from your life and communicating that clearly to loved ones.

It's possible that Jupiter and Chiron's connection could make you say something you regret, especially to a family member, adds Brooks. Plus, the moon squares your sun this weekend, growing the potential for tension. “Understanding what really annoys you can lead to a better outcome,” she says.


This weekend is about your relationships, Virgo. If you have a partner, Brooks advises showing them compassion and forgiveness amid this emotional time. Sending them a just-thinking-of-you message, taking the lead on a date-night plan, or doing another such considerate gesture is a good idea. And if you're not partnered, this is a prime time to get clear about what you're looking for in a potential partner because Saturn loves commitments—and it’s currently in your seventh house of relationships.


The cosmos is telling you to rest and relax this weekend, Libra. Saturn just moved into your sixth house of health, wellness and routines, making it a great time for recuperation, says Brooks. Another idea? Seek out some spiritual restoration by thinking about how you can be of service to your community.


Now is not the time to attempt to control everything, Scorpio. With rigid Saturn in your fifth house of pleasure, joy, and children, you could fall into the trap of placing people in your life into certain boxes—even if they've shown you that they aren't able to fulfill these roles. Instead, aim to "accept people at face value rather than focusing on their potential, and to become clear about what you want," says Holmes. When it comes to romantic relationships, in particular, you may need to "release people from your life that are not mature enough for what it is you desire," she adds.


This weekend is a great time to “plan out the world [you] want to live in,” says Holmes. Saturn is now occupying your fourth house of home and family, which could inspire you to refresh your living space and make it a more accurate reflection of yourself.

In particular, Holmes suggesting exploring how to make your home as comfortable and inviting as you can, without succumbing to pressure to make it perfect or presentable to others. To get started, consider making a home vision board—and also remember that all your home-improvement projects won't be done in a weekend.


If you have a sibling, this could be a good weekend to reconnect with them, Capricorn. The sun in Pisces resides in your third house of siblings, so make time for a phone call or FaceTime session to catch up, suggests Brooks, especially if you haven’t connected in a minute. Given that the third house also encompasses your local community, consider venturing out to a few nearby shops and restaurants this weekend, too, she adds.


With Saturn having just shifted out of your sign for the first time in years, this weekend is all about looking both backward and forward, Aquarius. All the self-reflection you’ve done recently could come into better focus, giving you a better idea of what you respect and value. In turn, Holmes advises spending the weekend figuring out how to turn your lofty ideas into reality. Start “straightening out that spine and asserting what you believe and how you think,” she says.


As we head into the final weeks of Pisces season, it’s important for you to get rest. You may especially feel the need for some extra shut-eye this weekend as the sun and Neptune meet up in your sign—aka your first house of personal identity and the self. Any self-care ritual will serve you well around this time, but in particular, Brooks recommends spending time in or around water, if you can, whether that means taking a relaxing bubble bath or a brisk stroll by a nearby body of water.

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