Hilary Swank’s Workout Routine Easily Defeats Dead Butt Syndrome

Photo: Well+Good Creative
If you have a desk job, you'll need no convincing that dead butt syndrome is real. You've felt that awful tingling sensation for yourself. Sitting all day, every day can lead to gluteal amnesia, where the gluteus medius becomes inflamed and actually stops working. To prevent it, you have to make sure you're exercising the muscles regularly. Hilary Swank decidedly does not have a desk job, but she seems to be a fan of a workout move that successfully targets your glutes to combat the effects of dead butt syndrome.

The actress recently shared a video on Instagram of a recent workout featuring an exercise to make your entire body burn, bum included. Start out sitting on a bench holding a kettlebell. Stand up from a seated position while balancing on one leg. While standing, lift the opposite leg out to the side. Then, sit back down the bench and repeat. The steps are simple, but the move is really hard (even if this million dollar baby makes it look easy).

Adding this exercise into your routine will show dead butt syndrome who's boss, so grab a kettlebell and get out of that chair.

This is the one mistake you're making during your butt workouts, according to Shay Mitchell's trainer. Or, try this move that works your abs and butt at the same time.

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