Oprah’s Favorite ‘Warm Up’ Washable Bootie Slippers Are Podiatrist-Approved—And Under $50

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Like most of the universe, we’re big Oprah fans around here. Which is why the annual release of the icon’s most favorite things might as well be deemed a national holiday. We’ve covered a lot of them over the years—from her top-tier toaster and go-to kitchen knives to Oprah's favorite sheets and recovery shoes—and she has yet to steer us wrong. Of all her curated picks this year, we’re especially excited about her favorite slippers: the Dearfoams Warm Up Bootie Slippers ($34-$50).

Designed to keep feet warm and toasty while indoors and out, the Warm Up Bootie Slippers feature a durable, thermoplastic rubber sole and quilted nylon exterior that help shield your feet (and ankles, thanks to the boot shape) from the elements and provide solid traction. “I appreciate the stability and protection of the outsole so I can even drive in these or take the trash out real quick without changing shoes,” writes one Amazon shopper in a 5-star review, “super comfortable as well and they keep my feet very warm.”

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They're also podiatrist-approved

What makes them so good for feet is that nice and roomy toe box. Plus, they're bendable while staying sturdy. “From a foot health perspective, the benefits of these slippers are that they have a relatively wide toe box and are made from a soft and flexible upper material, which is great for not pinching or restricting the toes,” says Alissa Kuizinas DPM and founder of Doctor Ark.

The malleable upper also makes the bootie slippers easy to pull on and off in a pinch, according to reviewers. “The slippers are relatively flat, or zero drop, which is ideal for proper foot and leg alignment,” explains Dr. Kuizinas, making the Warm Up Booties a comfortable choice for long periods of wear.

Speaking of comfort, the Dearfoams Bootie Slippers feature a plush, multi-layered memory foam insole and sherpa-inspired lining for all of the warm and cozy feels. Oprah says they feel like you’re “walking on a cloud,” and Amazon shoppers seem to agree. “I have owned many pairs of Dearfoam slippers and have always loved them,” writes one shopper in a 5-star review. “These are no exception. They are pretty, soft, comfy and very practical.”

What’s more, the warm lining is temperature regulating, so your feet stay cozy but never sweaty. “The interior is a fuzzy sherpa material but doesn’t make my feet sweat which is a huge plus,” writes another Amazon shopper. But the absolute best part, in our opinion, is the fact that these super comfortable slippers maintain their plush feel even after multiple rounds in the wash.

So not only are the Dearfoam Bootie Slippers Oprah’s favorite, but they’re also podiatrist-approved and beloved by Amazon shoppers—which means there’s no better slipper to lounge in this fall and winter. But before you add these babies to your cart, we’d recommend heeding the advice of reviewers who say you should size up for the most comfortable fit. Happy shopping!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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