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This Best-Selling Layering Fragrance Will Up the Ante on All of Your Favorite Perfumes

Zoe Weiner

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Choosing a signature scent is a highly personal endeavor (so much so, that there's even a personality test to help you do it). It requires countless tests of spritzing and sniffing until you finally stumble upon something that feels unequivocally you. And when that happens, you want to be sure that scent is strong enough for everyone around you to enjoy, too, which is where DedCool Milk comes in.

The product was designed as a "layering fragrance," meant to be worn alongside DedCool's other scents to help amp up their fragrance and stay on your skin for longer. "When I created the initial compositions for DedCool in 2016, it was important for me to create a base scent that would run through all the DedCool fragrances to create unity and foundation," says the brand's founder, Carina Chaz. "When layered, the scent will come into new forum to create a unique DedCool experience."

Dedcool Milk


The product blends bergamot, white musk and amber, three notes that run through the entirety of DedCool's fragrance collection.  While it's meant to be used with DedCool's products, when you wear it alongside another scent with the same profile, it will help those notes come out in full force. “Notes in the musk category are grounding, traditional, and oftentimes very sensual,” Lauren Gannes, formulator of aromatics company Highborn, previously told Well+Good. “Musk is commonly that lasting note that stays behind after the more volatile notes have shifted on.” Bergamot has been described as having a "sunny disposition" thanks to its ability to provide an instant mood boost, and amber—with its woodsy, citrusy scent—is known for helping to calm your mind. Which means you can't go wrong with a perfume that's got all three... especially when you're layering it on top of something else.

Though Milk is technically meant to be worn as a supplement to your other favorite fragrance, Chaz says many people also love to wear it on its own—so much so that it's become DedCool's best-selling product. "Milk's composition is light enough to scent the skin and wear as a standalone, especially if you're a not really a fragrance wearer," she says. So give it a spritz and a sniff, and it might just become your very own signature scent.

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