The Smart Styling Tip That Will Motivate Your Next Workout

Locker Room Look Book is Well+Good’s new video series where we share (and you’ll score) post-workout beauty and style tips from white-hot wellness stars.

Ever walk into the gym and feel so completely uninspired to climb onto the elliptical for the hundredth time that you're tempted to walk right back out the door? (Been there.)

Liberian-born model and fitness enthusiast Deddeh Howard has some advice: Use colorful workout looks to revitalize your mood, and that energy will carry over into your workout routine.

"Color is empowerment to me," Howard explains (which is why she's not afraid to express herself with neon pink and neon green in the same outfit). She keeps her gym bag vibrantly stocked with a rainbow of Under Armour sports bras, shoes, and jackets for mood-boosting looks that are made to be shown off (hello, motivation boost).

"Color is empowerment to me."

Channeling her individuality goes way beyond her activewear, though. "Being a dark skinned model, it was very hard for me to actually get auditions," she says. "I would get told by a lot of agencies that they have models who look exactly like me, and I personally think that everybody is unique in their own way. I decided to speak out and do something about it."

Consequently, she founded The Black Mirror Project, a photo series designed to promote diversity in the fashion industry. "What's very important for me is to tell women and inspire women that they don't have to be like anybody else," Howard says. Amen to that.

Watch the full video to hear more of her mood-boosting tips—and shop her colorful array of clothing below.

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