19 Dainty Pieces of Jewelry You’ll Never Want (or Have) to Take Off—Even at the Gym

Photo: The Last Line
When building your accessories collection, investing in fine jewelry is smart—especially if you’re the type looking for pieces you can leave on in the shower, the ocean, or while you work out. And thanks to a trend toward tiny, delicate designs, myriad brands now offer options that won’t completely bankrupt you.

Start with something you can wear whether you’re lifting weights, running, or sweating it out in a hot yoga class such as small earrings. Modern huggies (AKA hoops worn close to your lobes) or classic studs are safe across the board. “If you’re just beginning to invest in fine jewelry, diamond huggies are perfect—you can wear them forever, and they’re a great foundation piece,” says Shelley Sanders, designer of The Last Line.

For a more dynamic look without adding in a new piercing, she says to “layer on some ear cuffs. I've done as many as four, and it looks very cool.”

"I’ve been noticing people wearing a range of different sized hoops on one ear. "— Alyssa Sutter, stylist and jewelry designer.

For the fashion-forward fitness junkie, consider a small hoop. “Hoops have been such a staple in the jewelry market, but I've been noticing people wearing a range of different sized hoops on one ear. I love the look of a bunch of hoop earrings from small to large,” says stylist and jewelry designer, Alyssa Sutter. “During my workouts, I leave on my Petit Moi Mini Hoops mainly because I never take them off, but they're as harmless as leaving in your stud earrings.”

Lightweight necklaces and bracelets are A-okay at the gym, too. But rings are really dependent on your workout of choice. *Always* remove them while lifting weights, boxing, or for HIIT sessions—better to save the finger bling for places like the Pilates studio or barre class. “Rings can be easily scratched and may even be painful to wear if your fingers swell during exercising,” says Sutter. As for your wrists, Sanders advocates for tennis bracelets. “They're a simple design but pack a major punch when layered.”

Below, find a selection of this season's chicest earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and (some) rings that you can safely break a sweat in.

Dainty jewelry isn't the only kind that's trending. Mountain-inspired pieces are also having a moment, according to Etsy. And, of course, crystal-inlaid options are *always* in style. 

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