Deliciously Ella Just Released a Line of Breakfast Products—and It Sold Out Immediately

Photo: Instagram/@deliciouslyella
In a perfect, never-rushed, Instagram-friendly world, you'd wake up every morning and whip up a colorful, superfood-packed, sure-to-keep-you-full-until-lunchtime breakfast.

In a more realistic scenario, you might be scarfing down a protein bar or smoothie on the go (while praying that your overly rosy post-HIIT class cheeks return to normal before your 9 a.m. team meeting).

All three products sold out within 24 hours—talk about the purchasing power of 1.1 million Instagram followers.

Ella Mills, the UK-based foodie, author, natural beauty lover, and entrepreneur behind the wildly popular blog Deliciously Ella, may not be able to help you cool down post-workout (and pre-office), but she can definitely lend a hand when it comes to eating a yummy breakfast—even when you're in a rush.

She's been on a mission to transition from delivering double tap-worthy recipes digitally to serving up IRL meals, starting with the London cafe she opened last year. And now she has a new line of breakfast products, for sale in the UK and online.

The three gluten- and dairy-free products include "soft and creamy" Bircher Muesli with apple and raspberries, Nutty Granola with cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts, and Original Granola with raisins, toasted seeds, and coconut. The fiber-rich mixes make for an easy grab-and-go breakfast, and unlike traditional muesli which requires an overnight soak, this variety requires just 60 seconds in milk before you can dig in.

If you don't live in the UK (where they will be available at Whole Foods and select delis), you can buy them on the Deliciously Ella site—though not at this exact moment. All three products sold out within 24 hours (talk about the purchasing power of 1.1 million Instagram followers). So if you get your hands on some, prepare to be the #officehero when you share it with your morning meeting cohorts (red-faced or not).

Whether you're a morning hustler or you prefer to lounge in bed for a while, make sure breakfast is a part of your a.m. routine. (Big or small, your choice.)

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