This Is What Demi Lovato’s Workout Routine Looks Like—From Start to Finish

Photo: Instagram/@ddlovato
A scroll through Demi Lovato's Instagram feed brings a single word to mind: strong. The former Disney sweetheart has pivoted into seriously inspiring territory as of late, dropping the #MeToo anthem "Fall in Line" with Christina Aguilera and adding her influential voice to the body-positivity movement (all while traveling the world on tour, NBD). So what's her secret for managing it all? Simple: balance.

Demi Lovato workout tips
Photo: Courtesy of Core Water

Lovato spoke to us about her workouts and her new campaign with Core Water that's about Finding Balance—in an admittedly challenging, "unbalanced world." It's the first time the celeb's given an up-close look at how she balances all aspects of her on-the-road, on-the-stage, and at-the-gym life. You could say Demi is sorry not sorry for trying to fit in her workouts. "Workouts are something that I like to balance," she tells me. "Making sure I get a day off to rest, getting to the gym and putting in my work, and feeling good afterward," are all priorities.

Wanting to know her start-to-finish, full-fledged exercise routine, I asked the singer-songwriter to walk me through a day in the life (or rather, a workout in the life) of Demi Lovato. Check it out.

1. She hops out of bed bright and early

"I’m a morning workout person," she says (though she doesn't specify a timeframe), adding that she prefers to check off her gym session first thing to bask in the endorphin-filled glow for the rest of the day. If waking up for a.m. sweats tend to be a bit of a challenge for you, the Tone It Up founders share six tips for making it happen.

2. Her workouts go beyond simple cardio and strength training

Lovato works with a trainer at the gym, opting for mixed martial arts (MMA) and jiu jitsu over standard exercising routines involving cardio and weight lifting. "I’m training in MMA, so getting to hit pads and do jiujitsu is really fun for me," Lovato says. And instead of popping in headphones and zoning out while she practices her combat skills, she says she prefers to uplug. "I don’t really listen to a playlist when I work out. I just kind of go off of what’s on in the gym because I’m listening to my trainer."

3. Lovato's workout recovery involves delicious fuel

Post-workout, Lovato heads home for a well-deserved shower and to refuel. Her usual smoothie packs just three ingredients (score!): a banana, protein, and sometimes spinach. Noting the importance of hydration, she also makes sure to replenish with plenty of water. So much so that she became one of Core's initial investors after discovering the brand in 2015.

To make the most of your rest days, stock up on these nine natural recovery products and pay off your "sleep debt."

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