These Are the Best Anti-Chafing Denim Shorts—According to Some Very Happy Reviewers

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Here's the thing about denim shorts: they can be a nightmare for chafing. Though cute, trendy and versatile to boot, they're by no means comfortable when your thighs are exposed and left to rub together. And yet, they are are summer staple. Stretchy leggings have their place, as do black bike shorts, but there's something so effortless about slipping on a pair of denim shorts.

Good news is, you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort, or vice versa. We've scoured the internet for the best denim shorts for chafing based on reviews, so you can strut your stuff without thinking twice about your thighs getting red and irritated. Bye bye, chafing. Hello classic denim that'll look timeless season to season, no anti-chafing products needed. 

Give tired thighs some relief with 8 of the best denim shorts that's done chafe

Everlane The Denim Short — $48.00

Not into Daisy Dukes? These shorts have a longer inseam that can be worn unrolled or rolled to your liking. So if you’re feeling a little chafe-y, roll them down a notch for a cute, comfy look.

Just note, they’re 100 percent cotton denim, meaning they’re a little more stiff and rigid than other jeans. But that shouldn’t disqualify the comfiness: “I really love these shorts! Even though they don’t have stretch to them, they’re very comfortable, and the fit is so flattering,” wrote one reviewer. “I love the quality of the fabric as well. Very well constructed.”


LookbookStore Women's Mid Rise Rolled Denim Shorts — $28.00

This trendy pair of denim shorts has over 4,000 stellar reviews on Amazon thanks to their cozy feel and comfy fit.

While other cropped shorts can be tight on the thighs, LookBookStore’s are loose, never riding up or digging into your skin. One reviewer wrote, “I haven’t worn jean shorts in years because I can never find any I like. Well, these are great! They are so stretchy that a thick thigh chick like myself can sit and [they don’t] cut my thighs and make a nasty leg muffin top!” Noted.

Levi's Bermuda Shorts — $45.00

Bermuda shorts are back, and if you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon, we recommend doing so with a classic pair of Levis.

These flexible, dark denim shorts are perfect for dressing up or down, depending on the occasion. They are pretty stretchy, so it might be worth sizing down to avoid bagging. And follow the washing instructions: “I got these and they are like the old time great Levi jean material! Pay attention to washing instructions, less is better,” one reviewer said. “Nice fit on the thighs. Been looking for these type for a long time, don’t hesitate.”

Old Navy High-Waisted Slouchy Ripped Black Jean Shorts — $30.00

If you want to rock a longer inseam without going full Bermuda, check out these slouchy shorts from Old Navy. They’re high-waisted with a 5-inch inseam designed to keep you feeling good all day long. One reviewer notes the length is just right: “They are still cute and fun, but cover areas I want to stay covered! I like that they have a little room in the thigh so are comfortable walking around and sitting!”

Fekoafe Comfy Drawstring Cotton Shorts — $20.00

Who said denim has to be stiff and rigid?! These cotton drawstring shorts are the picture of comfort, with an elastic waistband, flow-y leg openings, and soft fabric. Air-y and lightweight, they’re the exact opposite of “hard pants.”

“They’re made of a substantial cotton like material so they aren’t see through and aren’t sticking to my thighs, but still lightweight enough for a hot day,” swooned one reviewer. “These shorts are amazing. I honestly can’t say enough good things about them.”

Madewell Relaxed Mid-Length Denim Shorts — $55.00

Madewell is known for premier, long-lasting denim, and their shorts are no different. These cutoff jeans take air-y to the next level, featuring baggy leg openings that give your thighs extra breathing room. “I have trouble finding jean shorts that don’t hug my bottom and thighs too tightly or make me look stumpy,” said one reviewer. “These have plenty of room and were very flattering. Just like the shorts I used to wear back in the ’90s!”

AE Paperbag Denim Mom Shorts — $60.00

All the style of a high-rise jean, without the discomfort of wedgies. These shorts are crafted from a cotton-Tencel blend that’s super soft and perfect for summer, all while the flowy silhouette give sensitive thighs a break. As one reviewer put it, “They flatter the waist while keeping the space around thighs loose.” Your legs will thank you.

Good American Good Bermuda Raw Hem — $99.00

If there’s anyone who’s nailed the Bermuda shorts look, it’s the Kardashians. Khloe’s brand, Good American, is known for its inclusive styles, and these Bermuda shorts certainly fit the bill.

They’re super trendy, complete with a raw hem and a faded wash, but the fit is something other-worldy. One reviewer called them “magic”: I truly do not understand how these shorts are simultaneously so easy to fit over my hips and booty, yet also hug my waist just the right amount and don’t slip down ever. I have never owned a pair of denim that I haven’t had to jump up and down to get over my hips or constantly adjust until now.”


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