If You Love Pimple Popping Videos, You’ll Want to Tune in for This Gunk-Sucking Facial

There's something incredibly satisfying about clearing out your pores. Whether it's using one of those classic nose strips for blackheads, an at-home pore vacuum tool, or a clay mask, the end result is an amazingly gunk-free complexion. So when Well+Good video editor Ella Dove went off to try a dermalinfusion facial—which essentially uses a machine to suck dirt and grime straight out of your pores—she was poised to see some skin-clearing magic.

In the second episode of What the Wellness—Well+Good's new YouTube series that takes an inside look at all kinds of buzzy wellness treatments—Dove hits up New York's Envy Medical to test out dermalinfusion, which is said to be a "professional exfoliation treatment."

It does this via a vacuum-like device that sucks out skin debris while infusing a hydrating serum into the complexion at the same time. "We're exfoliating at a controlled depth, we're extracting, and we're also infusing the skin all at the same time," explains Sona Tolani, Envy Medical's chief marketing officer. The perks of this? An advanced skin resurfacing treatment that supposedly eliminates fine lines, resurfaces the skin's texture, and basically make you look brand new. And here's arguably the best part about it: At the end of your vacuuming treatment, you get to see the jar full of all the crap that came out of your skin. Yes, really.

"It's what we call the waste jar," Tolani says. "We call it a very disgustingly satisfying feeling. Everybody will usually see some of the abrated skin cells, some sebum—some more than others, depending on your climate." Ick.

As the machine gets going on Dove, she's surprised by how ticklish it feels. "It feels really tickly and weird, but it's not like a super aggressive suction," she says. The end result is a freshly renewed complexion that's exceptionally glowy. "There's zero down time—this is actually what I would like to call a red carpet treatment," says Tolani. "You can go right out the door and get on with your day."

I don't want to spoil the video, but you're gonna witness what it looks like to vacuum your face, the resulting jar of skin secretion, and—of course—the radiant face post-treatment.

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