Dermalogica’s Sliding-Scale Facials

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In luxury facial land, there's only one price point—exorbitant. But Dermalogica offers a refreshing take with three price points for facials—starting at $35.

Dermalogica in Soho
Dermalogica's Soho flagship. Note the futuristic spa pod for privacy in the back

In the land of luxury facials (think La Prairie and Sisley), there's only one price point—exorbitant.

That’s what makes Dermalogica’s approach to facials so refreshing. The beauty brand offers skin-care treatments at three price points.

We’ve road tested each of the experiences, all of which include Face Mapping, a diagnostic tool where the facialist examines your skin’s fourteen zones (this is a concept based on acupuncture) and identifies your skin’s problem areas.

So instead of slapping you with a vague “combination skin” label, you might learn your forehead is dry, your cheeks are struggling with some redness, and only your nose shows signs of blocked pores. The product range, which culls from the chemistry set and is in the process of reformulating products to be paraben-free, is made to treat all of these issues and a slew more.

Dermalogica spa pod
Inside the private Dermalogica spa pod

All the Bells and Whistles, $110

At Dermalogica’s SoHo flagship you can have a $110 facial in a private all-white pod with light therapy and piped in spa music. Melissa, my friendly facialist, was a pro at leave-no-trace extractions. Her thorough exfoliation was followed by masks, moisturizers, and treatment products that targeted my trouble spots (or zones). With her product recommendations afterward, I felt like I got some skin-care education, not a sales pitch.
Dermalogica in SoHo, 110 Grand St., 212-219-9800. 1-hour facial $110 (includes Face Mapping service)


Dermalogica Academy
The Dermalogica Academy

No-Frills Facial, $50

For the same treatment in a group setting, you can visit the Midtown Dermalogica Academy. In this pretty glam, spa chaise-filled classroom, you’ll get a facial from a student aesthetician who’s had at least 250 hours of education (that’s a lot) and who's under the supervision of an instructor. The facial was just as good as the spa version, though the ambiance was not. But who’s arguing when an hour-long service costs just $50.
Dermalogica Academy, 140 W. 22nd St., 212-243-3000. Face Mapping services are free and available on a walk-in basis.

facial extractions
Getting a fast and focused MicroZone treatment

Fast and Focused Facial, $35

Dermalogica has a series of seven smart MicroZone treatments. Each lasts 20 minutes and targets a specific skin-care problem, like blackheads on your nose, exfoliation for lackluster skin, or rapid spot clearing—great for a pimple emergency. Best of all, these treatments cost just $35 (or $20 at the Academy), and you don’t need an appointment. Note to the shy: These quickie services are done in a semi-private area of the Soho store. —Alexia Brue

Dermalogica in SoHo, 110 Grand St., 212-219-9800,

Tip for Well+Good Readers and their friends: Keep the evening of Thursday, September 22 available for a very special—and free—New York City skin-care event with Dermalogica. 

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