Use Your Astrological Descendant Sign To Find Your Soulmate

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Looking for love in cosmic places? You might want to learn what descendant means for astrology, and think in terms of how your ascendant is how you show up in the world. Your descendant is found on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel, and represents qualities that you long for or even admire in someone else.  It's like a whole West Side Story thing: two people from different worlds seeing each other from across the room, literally star-crossed (but with a hopefully happier ever after).

"If you embody the traits of your Rising Sign, the sign opposite can be instantly intriguing," says astrologer and tarot card reader Maria Sofia Marmanides. "That sign may fundamentally value the same principles as you do, but goes about it completely differently. And that’s another reason the Descendant rules over the house of partnerships, committed relationships and marriage—the people we pull in or desire as partners."

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If you want to understand how marriage and partnerships appear on your birth chart, first pop over to a birth chart generator. Then, Marmanides recommends you look to the sign that rules your descendant, and any planets in the 7th house, as well as where the ruler of the sign of the Descendant resides in your natal chart. And with compatibility readings, you can also see if your partner has planets that are in your Descendant sign.

But if you want a quick rundown, she shares how your astrological descendant shows what you need in a partner.

Aries Rising/Libra Descendant

Aries is a sign that's all about the self, and they're going to look for someone who is all about people other than themselves.

"For an independent and freedom-loving sign like Aries, you value ideals like bravery," says Marmanides. "Having Libra on the Descendant means that you seek a partner who is brave enough to desire partnership, despite knowing how vulnerable emotional commitment can make you. It’s wanting someone unafraid to love love."

Taurus Rising/Scorpio Descendant

Oh, Taurus Rising. You're going to be led to the water with some kind illusive, alluring, leans-the-wall-looking-so-jaded-because-the-world-makes-them-weary type.

"As a Taurus Rising, you naturally embody steadiness and stability, appearing to others as calm and reserved, but with Scorpio as your Descendant, you may find that you’re attracted to someone who exudes tons of mystery and intrigue," says Marmanides. "While their surface seems intensely impenetrable, you will want to see what depths are underneath."

Gemini Rising/Sagittarius Descendant

Gemini Rising wants a big-hearted, big-picture thinker, and with Sagittarius as the Descendant ruler, they'll find someone who doesn't just think big, but lives even bigger.

"Gemini Rising can question themselves a lot, and there will be an allure to someone who embodies the principle of not thinking and analyzing so much and actually going out there and doing it," says Marmanides.

Cancer Rising/Capricorn Descendant

Cancer and Capricorn meld together like a little housewife/husband and businessman/wife couple.

"Cancer are creatures of comfort and stability," Marmanides says. "They crave a stable home unit, and as a cardinal sign, will value status. Having the Descendant in Capricorn means they will seek partners who can bring that sense of ambition and protection into securing a loving and loyal home and family unit."

Leo Rising/Aquarius Descendant

Leo Rising will be super into theatrics: drama and creativity, and they'll appreciate that Aquarian flair and flourish.

"Naturally, you will seek out partners who are unconventional in their approach, whether that’s how they express their love language or whether they present as quirky or unique," says Marmanides. "For someone who lives their life straight from the heart, it will be intriguing for a Leo Rising to be with someone who plays their emotions closer to the chest."

Virgo Rising/Pisces Descendant

According to Marmanides, Virgos are helpers and the doers of the zodiac, so when they look across the way, they see Pisces big heart right on their sleeve. They'll instantly want to rescue them, even if that person doesn’t need rescuing.

"Virgos spend a lot of time in their heads and can get into minutiae, so someone who embodies Piscean qualities of spirituality and idealism will serve as an attractive counterbalance to their potential for cynicism or pragmatism," Marmanides says.

Libra Rising/Aries Descendant

Remember, Libra is constantly seeking out an S.O., and they'll find someone who embodies Aries independent qualities VERY sexy.

"Libra is known for their charm and grace, keeping the peace, and always considering the other’s viewpoint," says Marmanides. "Which is what will make Aries so attractive, because it will make Libra fantasize about the kind of person who could live life completely on their own terms."

Scorpio Rising/Taurus Descendant

With this match-up, you have someone who keeps things hidden from the world and they'll be magnetically attracted to their up-front opposite.

"Scorpios are often a mystery, even to themselves, which is what will make a Taurus so alluring to them, because Taurus embodies authenticity," says Marmanides. "What you see is what you get, and they are unabashed about saying what they value, what they want, and when. It will intrigue Scorpio for someone to be that direct."

Sagittarius Rising/Gemini Descendant

Sag and Gem know what it takes to keep the flames of passion sparking and alive.

"A Sagittarius Rising is someone who is always craving an adventure—whether it’s a literal traveling expedition or an intellectually stimulating sparring match," says Marmanides. "With Gemini as the Descendant ruler, they will seek out partners who know a lot about a lot—someone who will keep them on their toes and they’ll never grow bored by."

Capricorn Rising/Cancer Descendant

Again, Capricorn and Cancer like a 50s couples archetype, with Cap finding a natural comfort in Cancer after coming home from a hard day at work.

"Known for climbing corporate ladders, Capricorn Risings embody material success and ambition," says Marmanides. "What will make Cancer alluring to Capricorn is that they will see how much richer their lives can be when they shift to focusing on emotional wealth and investments."

Aquarius Rising/Leo Descendant

"For Aquarius Rising, emotional displays are not your strongest suit. What they DO love is fantasizing about how to make peoples lives better and creative problem solving.

"You’ll be drawn to Leo traits because you’ll see someone who is unafraid of putting themselves out there, being authentically themselves, and is game for building a utopian kingdom with you," says Marmanides.

Pisces Rising/Virgo Descendant

Finally we have Pisces rising matching up with a Virgo descendant. Why? They want someone to keep them grounded, and who better than an Earth sign?

"Pisces Risings are known as the dreamers and they can embody traits that are more ephemeral, esoteric or spiritual," says Marmanides. "They’ll gravitate towards partners that are more practical, dependable and committed, but who still live their life trying to help make the world a better place, through acts of dedicated service."

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