How to Develop Your Intuition the “Yoga With Adriene” Way

yoga_with_adrieneTrust your gut. That’s what you’re often told when faced with a big (and little) decisions. But in our crazy distraction-filled, rational world, it can be hard to tune out the noise and tune into your intuition.

Adriene Mishler, AKA Yoga with Adriene, wants to help you with that. On her uber-popular YouTube channel (with a million-plus subscribers and counting), the Austin resident began hosting a 30-day Yoga Camp at the beginning of the year to tackle positive and negative self-talk. (You can start it anytime—beginning with the Yoga Camp "orientation" video, then following that up with the day one video, the day two video, and so on.)

Each day of the 30-day challenge focuses on a specific mantra such as “I accept,” “I am bold,” and “I create.” Day 12’s mantra? "I trust."

The practice in her video here builds balance and stability, opens your shoulders, hips, and heart, and helps you connect to your center. “We’re not just talking about plank or boat pose or yoga for abs. We’re talking about listening to the body,” says Mishler. “By developing this intuition on the mat, people can take it off the mat.” Which is where it can start to really rock your world.

“So what if you have a consistent workout or practice if you’re waking up and looking in the mirror and saying ‘I’m ugly.’ What’s the point?” says Mishler, who launched her channel in September 2012. “Yoga is guiding us back to the best version of ourselves,” she says.

You can watch the videos on her YouTube channel or download it (the price is pay-what-you-want). And a companion daily email goes into more depth on the day’s mantra. And if affirmations aren't your jam, just take what you want from the practice and leave the rest behind, she says.

“I don’t claim to know everything about yoga,” says Mishler. “But I can be a good friend to inspire you to find what feels good.” —Christine Yu

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(Photo: Yoga with Adriene)


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