Why Diane Kruger Loves Cooking, Hates Facials, and Drinks Wine Before Walking a Red Carpet

Photo: Instagram/@dianekruger

Diane Kruger has always been one of those celebrities who just makes everything look easy. She always comes off as effortlessly chic, well-rested, and healthy. So how does the German-born face of Chanel pull it off?

The ballet dancer-turned-model-turned-actress talked to Coveteur about everything from her sleep habits to her favorite beauty products—and shared some seriously down-to-earth habits (AKA you won't see her at a facialist, and she does her own makeup on the red carpet—after a glass of wine).

Here are the 6 live-well rules that keep Kruger feeling refreshed, happy, and confident.

1. She swears by her sleep schedule...

"I do the best when I get enough sleep," she says. "I'm really not good on no sleep. If I truly don't get nine hours, I'm not good. I feel best when I feel rested and also when I feel like I have enough time for myself to do the things that I love doing that is not work. I love work, but I need a day every now and then."

2. ...and her workout schedule

"About two or three years ago I had to gain weight for a movie, and it wouldn't come off," she says. "I've been the same weight my entire life, and it wouldn't come off, so I started going to the gym. I guess it's coming from ballet, I have a very competitive thing in me and I got really into it and I love it. Now I go four or five times a week—I do Pilates, I do Xtend Barre. I just love it, and it makes me feel strong, and I feel confident."

3. She loves cooking—and thinks you should, too

"Eat organic, cook for yourself," she says. "I feel like when you make food for yourself, there's sort of a satisfactory thing about making good food that's actually good for you."

4. She sticks with what works—and knows less is more

"I never get facials," she says. "I break out really easily, so once I find a product I like, I stick to it. I get my makeup done so often for work and for photo shoots. On the red carpet, it's a different thing; the red carpet is not so precise. I always feel like less is more, and I don't like to be too made up on the red carpet." (Fun fact: Kruger does her own makeup for the red carpet—and says she usually has a glass of wine before it's go time.)

5. She loves a good massage and some me-time

"I like to get Thai massages," she says. "They're very energizing. I like to take a day for myself usually [to decompress]. I try to not do anything but get a manicure or pedicure—just be by myself, go see a movie by myself, not really hang out with anyone."

6. She believes in "everything in moderation"

"I used to not like myself very much," she says. "I know when I feel best, when I'm at a certain weight, when I eat a certain way—I just try to be really healthy without going crazy. I don't believe in all those juicing [crazes]. I believe I should be able to eat everything I love in moderation, and I kind of do."

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