Why Drew Barrymore Is All About Enzymes When It Comes to Gut Health

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When most people go through their purses, it's typically an assortment of hair ties, crumpled-up receipts, and a few go-to makeup products—Drew Barrymore, included. But when the actress recently revealed all the contents of her bag, she also came across a gut-helper no one should ever be without.

After moving aside her crossword and favorite tube of lipstick in a recent video, Barrymore pulled a couple pills out of the bottom of her purse that were none other than digestive enzymes. And they have one important job: enabling your body to break down food more easily so you can take in all those nutrients without the bloating and tummy aches. "Because this way, when you eat, your stomach is saying, 'Oh, thank you. You're helping me,'" she told Allure.

"Because this way, when you eat, your stomach is saying, 'Oh, thank you. You're helping me.'" —Drew Barrymore

Barrymore isn't alone in carrying around digestive enzymes 24/7. They're favorites of health experts, too. "I recommend taking these on days you know you’ll be eating outside of your regular diet or routine," says Robyn Youkilis, a certified health coach and author of Go With Your Gut. And to get the most bang for your buck, be sure to take them before or with your meals.

Digestive enzymes aren't the only health-conscious item in Barrymore's purse, though: She also carries a travel-sized pack of antibacterial hand wipes from Wet Ones to get rid of germs on the go—not hand sanitizer. "I want cloths—I want action. The gel makes me feel like I just pushed it into my skin more. It does nothing for me," she says. A happy tummy and a better-protected immune system? Yep, this combo is certainly a must for #bossbabes on the run.

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