Dirty Lemon Just Released a Millennial Pink Drink—and It’s Full of an Antioxidant-Rich, Anti-Aging Ingredient

Photo: Dirty Lemon
You've heard it again and again: Beauty comes from within. While the adage might incite an eye roll from you, plenty of beauty experts back it up. And with detoxifying-beverage company Dirty Lemon's just-released elixir that purportedly reduces the effects of aging, you can sip your way way to longevity.

Dirty Lemon's newest recipe,  +rose—which follows other editions that want to replace your afternoon matcha habit and nightly Sleepytime tea—is a beauty-boosting millennial-pink drink ($45 for a case of six 16-ounce bottles) that has just 10 calories and less than one gram of sugar (naturally derived from the lemon juice). The recipe adds to the base of lemon juice and water with eight ingredients, including Bulgarian rose water, hibiscus flower, pink Himalayan sea salt, and—most buzzworthy of 'em all—resveratrol, a well-known anti-aging property commonly found in red wine.

It's the resveratrol—an antioxidant that teems with polyphenols that protect your body from free radical damage—that makes this beverage such a beauty game-changer, as, in addition to fighting off symptoms of aging, Dirty Lemon notes on its site that "studies have shown that resveratrol supplementation improves circulation and has beneficial effects on glucose and lipid metabolism." But it's hardly the only superpower ingredient in the drink: Rose water is known to have plenty of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. And that pink Himalayan sea salt adds just the boost of electrolytes you need post-workout (or anytime, really).

Besides its reported health and beauty benefits, +rose boasts a taste with a floral essence and a citrusy twist (not so surprising, with lemon as a star ingredient). With spring on the way, this bright, energy-boosting drink might just be your go-to beverage for the season.

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