Dirty Lemon Just Hopped on the CBD Train With Its Latest Tropical-Inspired Elixir

Given the trend of CBD finding its way into mascara, meals, and—most recently—medicine, it should come as no surprise that the latest flavor from trendy functional beverage company Dirty Lemon also packs the all-star wellness ingredient. (Did we call it, or what?) The newest elixir, +cbd—which is available for pre-oder at the standard $65 per case (six 16-ounce bottles) but won't ship nationwide till July 9—joins the ranks of the company's current seven rainbow-colored offerings (including a sleep-inducing blend and an energizing matcha one).

If your first question is: Will the drink taste like weed? The answer is no, according to co-founder and CEO Zak Normandin. "Two of the most popular strains of marijuana on the market today are Tangie, famous for its subtle notes of tangerine, and Pineapple Express, also famous for its fruit-forward, tropical flavor," he tells me. "Our pineapple, blood orange, and tangerine flavor profile was inspired by these popular strains of marijuana but come directly from the fruits themselves." In other words, taking a sip of +cbd is more likely to bring back memories of tropical vacations past, not the last time you passed a joint.

Taking a sip of +cbd is more likely to bring back memories of tropical vacations past, not the last time you passed a joint.

The potion—which is fit to tackle anxiety, diffuse stress, decrease muscle and joint pain, calm acne, and improve sleep quality—includes 20 milligrams of full-spectrum cannabidiol, sourced from luxury cannabis brand BEBOE; pure hemp oil; and a blend of pineapple, blood orange, and tangerine juices (cheekily called the "pineapple express blend"). Of course, the usual Dirty Lemon suspects are also included: filtered water, pure lemon juice, ocean minerals, Himalayan pink sea salt, Luo Han Guo (AKA monk fruit, a natural sweetener), and L-theanine (which lowers stress and increases relaxation).

Normandin explains that "the juices also help your body to utilize the CBD," and adds that you should start to feel the effects of the product 15 to 30 minutes after your first taste. (Though since this product doesn't contain THC, the pleasant effects don't equate to a "high.")

Once you get your hands on +cbd and start to feel the Zen-ifying benefits, there's still one more thing to celebrate. According to the CEO, this latest brew kick-starts the brand's mission to launch a new flavor every. single. month. And once the company gives its newly acquired text-to-order technology the green light, you can get your monthly fix, like, stat.

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