Dirty Lemon Just Acquired an App That’ll Boost Its Text-to-Order User Experience

Plus, expect to guzzle way more flavors from the functional beverage brand soon.
When Dirty Lemon launched in 2015, the practice of imbibing for wellness benefits and glowy skin wasn't the ubiquitous practice it's since come to be. But now, the direct-to-consumer functional beverage brand known for its detoxifying effects is essentially a pioneer of the booming drinkable wellness niche. And given recent news that the company just got its activated-charcoal-laden hands on new tech, you can expect an improved text-to-order user experience soon. And, perhaps more excitingly for wellness beverage connoisseurs, way more flavors.

Dirty Lemon plans to adapt the app's successful technology model to offer a better ordering and distribution platform—which will allow the company to release more products.

The new tech comes from a weather app called Poncho, which Fast Company reports Dirty Lemon just acquired. Prior to the purchase, Poncho worked a conversational (as in texting and emailing) app that, according to an emailed Dirty Lemon press release, boasted a 90 percent retention rate—the strongest conversational service to date. So, Dirty Lemon plans to adapt the app's successful technology model and offer a better ordering and distribution platform to its collagen-sipping customers.

Furthermore, a brand rep shared that the acquisition is expected to lead to rapid growth and expansion, meaning a new product every month this year. And considering the company has only developed seven flavors in its three-year existence, that's pretty impressive.

"This partnership advances our vision to build a frictionless conversational platform by expanding our technological capabilities as an organization,” says Zak Normandin, CEO of Dirty Lemon.

At the moment, Dirty Lemon is keeping the yet-to-be-released flavors and their functional wellness powers bottled up. But, considering that CBD is showing up in everything from mascara and chocolate to lotion, I'm putting my money on a concoction containing the buzzy ingredient.

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