Turn This Pretty DIY, Self-Care Advent Calendar Into Your Mindfulness Practice for December

Photo: Instagram/@mindandseed
Once December hits, out come the advent calendars. And while, traditionally, the purpose of this holiday decoration is to open a daily gift as an exciting way to count down to Christmas, it turns out having one that doesn't focus on material things might just be the most enjoyable option of all.

Theresa Götz, the Barcelona-based zero-waste blogger behind Mind&Seed, thought up a new type of advent calendar this season—one that gives thoughtful reminders on bettering your well-being and focusing on self-care. Of the inspo for her advent calendar, Götz wrote on Instagram: "This year I wanted to inspire a more fun and less consumeristic way of counting down to 24. So instead of buying 24 little gifts, we focused on appreciating what we already have."

To make her mindful advent calendar, Götz tied 24 ribbons (and some festive fake plants!) onto a medium-sized ring, each complete with a special challenge hooked onto the bottom. "Behind each card, you can find a note that prompts an act of kindness or gratefulness we can do every day," she writes. Aside from being a cute homemade decoration for the holidays, it also helps you focus on what's really important in life: your health and happiness.


You can DIY a version for yourself—or create something you can swap with a friend!—that has little tasks important to you, but Götz has already shared a few ideas for the notes to get you started. So far, her prompts have included: taking a nature walk and gathering foliage to display in a vase at home, spending time writing down three things you're grateful for on a piece of paper, and enjoying a cup of homemade hot cocoa. And don't worry if you missed the first few days of the month: You can start and end it whenever you want.

Everyone could use an excuse to slow down and appreciate the little things during the crazy-busy holiday season, and this sweet advent calendar is the perfect way to do it.

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