Come for Emily Didonato’s DIY Avocado Face Mask, Stay for the Lesson in Self-Love

Models have it made. They get to travel the world, rock full glam on the regular, and wear the coolest designer fashion. But when American model Emily DiDonato isn't hanging with her Maybelline crew or walking the red carpet, you'll likely find her cozied up at home with some red wine in hand, wearing a bright green DIY avocado face mask.

In the latest episode of The Avocado Show, DiDonato takes us inside her home to talk about her career and all the lessons she's learned along the way. (For one, never, ever touch your eyebrows, she says.) While DiDonato has walked the runway for Balmain, Chanel, and Givenchy, to name a few, she shares why she's never been a part of the Victoria's Secret fashion show. And the most surprising thing she's learned in yoga teacher training? Energy transfer is real, you guys!

Now, it wouldn't be an avocado-themed show without some avocados, right? DiDonato teaches us how to make her favorite face mask, which only includes three ingredients: 1/4 avocado, 1/2 tsp honey, and 1 tsp yogurt. So pull up a chair, grab your ingredients. And, of course, this recipe means you can eat any leftover DIY avocado face mask on toast. Waste not, want not!

When you're done catching up on The Avocado Show, watch Well+Good’s other YouTube series You Versus Food to find out what a top nutritionist actually thinks about apple cider vinegar.

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