4 Celebrity Beauty Hacks That Use Kitchen Ingredients

Put those groceries to work.

Although the lifestyles of the rich and famous often encompasses a team of people working around the clock to keep your inflammation at bay and your skin glowing, many celebrities have gotten pretty skilled at figuring out (and sharing!) their own beauty hacks.

Some beloved-by-stars skin-care products require putting down some green, but others require nothing more than the DIY spirit, your smoothie staples, and a few pantry items. With all your newfound free time (it is stay-in-and-hygge season, after all) raid your kitchen, and try your hand at these celeb-endorsed beauty and skin-care hacks.

See the celebrity DIY beauty hacks below.

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1. Jessica Alba

The actress, mother, and Honest Beauty founder is basically synonymous with "glowing skin." Although Alba's a fan of salicylic acid for acne, she also swears by a smoothie recipe recommended by her nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque. The key ingredient to sipping your way to pristine skin? According to Alba, it's a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids.

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2. Helena Christensen

You know how to exfoliate your face, but how do you exfoliate your body? According to supermodel Christensen, it's the leftovers from your morning pot of coffee. “It’s not weird to me, but some might think it’s peculiar that I use coffee grounds on my body,” she says.

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3. Shania Twain

Washing your face with olive oil is not exactly new territory, but in an interview with The Cut, Twain revealed that she actually takes things up a notch by using it as an exfoliator. "It’s very hard to find an exfoliator that I really like. I tried so many," she said. Unable to find the one, Twain eventually started mixing some sugar into her olive oil for a non-abrasive scrub.

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4. Olivia Culpo

Even if you think you've heard of every coconut oil hack under the sun, Culpo's is probably still surprising. The actress shared her off-duty lip routine with Byrdie saying, "I’ll rub a little bit of my lip liner on my hand, and then I’ll take the coconut oil—just a finger swab—and I’ll rub it in the liner. It’ll create a really beautiful natural stain that lasts all day and is so hydrating for the lips.”

You can use jack-o'-lantern discards to create a face mask and baking soda for a facialist-approved clarifying mask.

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