DIY Your Own Dishwasher Detergent With This Quick, Non-Toxic Recipe

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Being a DIY maven is about the instant gratification of making something using your own two hands, but it's also comforting to know what's going into the products you're smearing all over your face or using to wipe down your counters. Cleaning products are one of those things that (at least to me) seem synonymous with an array of stringent chemicals and ingredients with names I can't pronounce. For your laundry needs and counter cleaning there's baking soda and lemongrass, but when it comes to washing the dishes that you eat off, there's an easy and gentle solution.

Essential oil evangelist and healthy home guru Willie Tsang, the founder of Way of Will, says that beyond the money-saving aspect, making your own dishwashing remedy will ensure that you're not coming into contact with any harsh chemicals. Plus, there are the bonus benefits of essential oils, which include aromatherapy, as well as disinfectant and antibacterial properties.

Tsang's combination of essential oils, water, and soap create a milder cleaning substitute. Below, he shares his five-ingredient, natural blend.

Way of Will's DIY dishwashing detergent


1/2 tsp liquid Castile soap

1/2 cup super washing soda 

1/2 cup baking soda

20 drops lemon essential oil 

20 drops lavender essential oil


1. Combine ingredients, mix well, pour the liquid up to your dishwasher's detergent cup full line, close lid, and let the machine do the rest.

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