This Easy Recipe for ‘Diy’ Eye Cream Will Save You an Actual Fortune

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Skin-care products in general can get really pricey. Tack on a teeny-tiny eye cream to your order, and the total cost of your shopping cart skyrockets. Well, according to one beauty expert, there's no need to spend big bucks on the staple. Not when you can so easily DIY your own and still wind up with the exact same results.

Lalita Vedantam, the cosmetic scientist behind the popular Instagram account @skinchemy, has made it her mission to share the secrets to the science of skin care and makeup. And most recently, she let her followers in on a money-saving tip for DIY eye cream.

"One major similarity between moisturizers and eye creams is their formulation. Almost every eye cream has a very similar formulation to a hydrating moisturizer, but with lower concentrations of active ingredients," she wrote in an Instagram post. "This makes sense because the area under the eye is very thin and delicate. Hence, it's important to ensure that we only use a low concentration of 'actives' to prevent any irritation or redness in the area."


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To make eye cream at home, Vedantam recommends using a drop or two (less than you would normally use) of your "actives"—which includes things like retinoids, niacinamide, vitamin C, and tocopherol—and mixing it with your everyday hydrating moisturizer. "Ultimately, using an eye cream or using your everyday 'actives' plus moisturizer will give you the same results," she says. Now you're free to go spend your money on hoards of pretty neutral-shade lipsticks instead.

Here's what a dermatologist's routine looks like:

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