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6 DIY Kits That Can Help Boost Your Mood and Relieve Stress

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The time for cable knit sweaters and fuzzy socks is here, and long gone are the days spent at the beach. With most of us clocking in more time indoors (and that'll only increase as the temps continue to drop), we're constantly looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained. For some, that may mean spending time bundled up in a warm blanket drinking endless hot mugs of tea, and for others, that may mean sitting back and re-watching all seasons of Succession (both also work!). Either way, if you're looking to pass the time during these frosty days, keeping yourself busy with a DIY project may be one one of the most productive and healthiest for your brain to do—and DIYing can just be really fun.

Aside from being a cheaper alternative to store purchases, engaging in DIY projects may help get your creative juices flowing in addition to helping reduce stress. That is, depending on what the project is exactly: One study found that people who engaged in arts and crafts (such as painting and drawing) experienced lower levels of stress. So, whether you're hoping to channel some creativity, unleash some positive vibes during the holidays, or save a few coins,  ahead, you'll find some of the most interesting we plucked from the depths of the internet.


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DIY snow globe
DIY Snow Globe Ornament Kit — $30.00

For those who love to decorate the Christmas tree, you can now add a personal touch to your snow-dusted noble fir by creating your own ornaments from scratch. Thankfully, this kit comes with more than just some tinsel and a few ribbons. It includes everything you need to feel like Santa’s little helper and then some, including: glitter, glue, ribbons, decorative candy canes, snow foam, and “click-in-to-place” globes.

At Home Pottery DIY Kit
At Home Pottery DIY Kit — $58.00

If you were always a fan of pottery class in high school, this pottery kit will spark some joy. In general ceramics can offer sensory and “tactile gratification” by working with your hands as pointed by Jo-Ann Finkelstein Ph.D. in Psychology Today. This kit comes with two pounds of air dry clay, paints and glaze.

DIY Lavender Body and Pillow Mist
DIY Lavender Body & Pillow Mist Kit — $43.00

While spraying lavender on your bed may not be a cure-all for the holiday blues, it may help boost your mood and make you feel ready for bed. In fact, its scent has been studied and used as an effective agent for relaxation and stress relief. For those hoping to reap those same benefits, this kit comes with real dried lavender buds that you can use to make two bottles of top-notch aromatherapy spray.


DIY Hot Sauce
DIY Hot Sauce Kit — $45.00

Move over Tabasco and Frank’s RedHot sauce. To spice things up at the next family meal, why not bring your own holiday hot sauce for everyone to enjoy? With this kit, you get to be your own Top Chef creating all the flavors. It includes a range of spice blends that you can mix together to create two deliciously hot, hot sauces. For example, the the Forager’s Blend features a mix of guajillo, chipotle, and pequin peppers.


DIY Candle Making Kit
DIY Candle Making Kit — $38.00

Burning candles is a sacred part of my self-care routine, which is why this DIY candle kit is a dream come true. With it, you get soy wax, essential oil, three tins and three wicks to create lavender-scented candles. Although you’ll need a few extra items including a sauce pan and a thermometer to gauge temperature, you’ll have everything you need to unleash the artisan in you.



Tie Dye DIY Kit
Tie Dye DIY Kit — $38.00

Tie Dye made a huge comeback somewhere in the summer of 2020 and thankfully, it’s here to stay (IMHO). If you want this summer camp look in your life, consider it done with this kit. It comes with a step-by-step guide on how to create different designs and styles on cotton cloths that you can use as bandanas or hair ties.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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