DIY Recycled Plant Pots to Turn Your Waste Into Something Great

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Throwing away old moisturizer tubs can feel like a total waste. They’re still functional, just empty. Instead of letting those empty tubs build up in your recycling bin, repurpose them by turning them into DIY recycled plant pots. Because a majority of the world’s plastic doesn’t actually get recycled, turning that old container into a planter guarantees it a second life.

The idea gives new life to an empty tub of moisturizer. For example, the container for one of our favorite products, derm-approved CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, easily transforms into a chic plant pot that’s the perfect size for succulents and little cacti. All you need to do is remove the lid, cut off the top of the tub where the screw lines are (it’s plastic, so you can do it carefully with scissors). Then, use sandpaper to smooth it out. Next, drill a hole in the bottom so your plant doesn’t get waterlogged. It’s that easy. You can also keep your new repurposed pots as is, or give them an upgrade with a little paint.

Turned a moisturizer tub into a succulent bowl. Cut off the top and drilled a drain hole at the bottom. 5 minute DIY project from r/houseplants

Just think about all possibilities among the numerous face masks and body scrubs in your bathroom that are almost empty. Countless beauty products come in perfect plant-sized plastic or glass containers. Beyond beauty, you can even turn old food jars or candle holders into planters.
If you’re turning a ceramic or glass vessel into a planter, bear in mind that making a hole in them is much more difficult (and dangerous) than drilling a hole into plastic. Instead of risking it all for a drainage hole, keep the containers intact and be mindful not to overwater as too much water can lead to root rot.
Think of your DIY recycled plant pots as a reward you get every time you finish a product. For every container you buy, you get to gift yourself a new houseplant and help save the planet in the process. It’s a win-win-win. Keep scroling for tktk more options.

5 DIY Recycled Plant Pots

1. Candleholders

When you get a really pretty candle, it can feel like such a waste to toss the container. Instead, you can use it as a planter. This candle from Esker is designed to do just that. It comes with seeds and soil so you can turn the terrazzo vessel into a planter once you finish the candle.
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2. Tin cans

If you love the farmhouse aesthetic, consider turning old jars into a planter. Leave them in their original aluminum state, paint them the color of your choice, or add decorative paper. Follow this tutorial from The House of Elements crafting blog to learn how to do it.

3. Lotion bottle

Turn an old bottle of lotion into a cute minimalist planter. All you need is scissors, paint, and string. Follow this tutorial from Almostmakesperfect for the full list of steps.

4. Teapots

Fulfill your cottage core dreams and turn an old teapot into a planter. You can get really creative here and paint it with any design you’d like. Just add soil and plant your plants like it’s just a regular pot.

5. Plastic bottles

Turn a regular plastic bottle into a self-watering planter in a few simple steps. Check out Momtastic for the tutorial.

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