The Skin-Replenishing Ayurvedic Ritual You Need to Recharge at Home

Your beach-vacay glow isn’t the only thing to fade away when autumn sweater weather arrives. The other casualty of the end of the season—along with the summer humidity—is your always-hydrated, dewy complexion (it's like your skin dries up at the mere mention of winter).

To help you stave off that winter-is-coming dryness, we teamed up with Rituals—the self-care master known for its ultra-pampering bath products inspired by ancient self-care customs—to bring you an at-home, skin-boosting Ayurvedic ritual.

And what's better for feeling pampered (and actually restoring your skin) than a hot bath? According to ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, steamy soaks have the power to soothe your body head-to-toe when you’ve been on your feet all dayand prepare your skin for nourishing shower gels and oils.

To maximize goddess vibes, load up on scents and oils that align with your Ayurvedic dosha. “Your dosha is your unique blend of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics,” says Well+Good senior beauty editor Ali Finney. Take this easy quiz to find out yours, and tap the ritual above all season long.

Watch the video above for the step-by-step instructions to an at-home Ayurvedic soak—and shop the essentials below.

In partnership with Rituals

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