Ditch the Stain Stick, This Baking Soda Spray Gets Any Evidence of Spills Out of Laundry

Photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma
One second you're enjoying your chilled, iced matcha latte, and the next you have a gigantic green stain staring at you (or popsicle drip this time of year) from your fresh white shirt. It's happened to the best of us. Typically, a stain that big is something not even your trusty stain stick can fight off. But instead of having to run your shirt through the wash to get rid of it, there's a homemade spray you can make that cleans your clothes in record time.

One of the most powerful stain-fighting combos just so happens to live under your kitchen sink. According to Elle, a half cup of dish soap, a cup of hydrogen peroxide, and a tablespoon of baking soda is all it takes to get rid of any evidence of an unfortunate spill, whether it's matcha, wine, green juice, or that delicious spaghetti sauce you never should have eaten in white clothing.

First, combine your ingredients in a spray bottle (make sure it's dark, as hydrogen peroxide decomposes quickly in sunlight), shake it up. Then, after rinsing your stain with cool water, simply spray on your DIY stain remover and gently work it in. Before your eyes, the stain will start to fade pretty much instantly. A few minutes later, you can rinse off the solution and you're good to go—no extra laundry required.

It's worth noting that while this trick works wonders without having to toss your clothes in the laundry, it's also not a bad idea to pre-treat clothes before you run them through the wash. If you're looking for an at-home clothes treatment, look no further. No matter your laundry qualm, we've got you.

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