DIY Your Own Avocado Frappé, Since You Can’t Order It at Your Local Starbucks (yet)

Photo: Nutrition Stripped
Want to give any meal a major upgrade? one surefire method is to simply add avocado. It doesn't matter whether you're blending your morning smoothie, topping your plant-based burger, or baking a batch of healthy-ish cupcakes—the ever-popular healthy fat gives everything a wow factor. And since good things are always better late than never, Starbucks is getting in on the creamy, fiber-packed goodness. Unfortunately for us, the just-announced Frappuccino-like beverage called "Avocado Blended" is only available in South Korea.

Yes, the lucky souls of Seoul (and the rest of the South Korea) are currently the only humans who get to experience this green goodness (which, BTW, features a chocolate "avocado pit" on top, along with an unidentified green liquid around the perimeter to represent the dark green skin, Cosmopolitan reports)—but don't let the inventory issue ruin your personal frappy hour. Rather, while you wait patiently for your avo order to land at a Starbucks near you, you can put on your barista hat and DIY a slurp-worthy alternative in you own kitchen.

McKel Hill, RDN, creator of Nutrition Stripped and a Well+Good council member, has a simple recipe to help you re-create the superfood smoothie. All you need is coconut milk, ice, water, maple syrup, and—of course—avocado. You can head here for the full recipe or watch the video below for a slightly tweaked version. Just remember, BYO chocolate pit.

Here's a brilliant tip for cutting an avocado perfectly every single time. And if you're thinking about eating the actual (non-chocolate) pit, read this first.

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