Asked and Answered: Does Getting Acupuncture Hurt—Even a Little Bit?

Does acupuncture really help you relax? Watch the video to find out.

As far as wellness trends go, acupuncture is basically the OG. In fact, it's barely a trend at all—it's an ancient wellness practice. Still, first-timers may have anxieties about that first session, which, in practice, can really infringe on an ability to Zen out. That's why the latest episode of What the Wellness, the Well+Good YouTube series that follows producer Ella Dove as she unpacks the wildest practices of wellness, aims to quell that timeless question of "does acupuncture hurt?"

"Acupuncture needles are the size of human hair, so because the needles are so small, acupuncture is actually a relaxing experience," says Shari Auth, DACM, co-founder and chief healing officer of New York City-based acupuncture center WTHN. Auth, an acupuncturist, adds that the practice works with with your body's connective tissue to send messages to your brain that alter brain chemistry. On a physical level, it functions similarly to a massage by loosening tight muscles and producing collagen. (So, yeah, sounds better and also completely different than syringes doctors stick you with.)

"Acupuncture needles are the size of human hair, so because the needles are so small, acupuncture is actually a relaxing experience." —acupuncturist Shari Auth, DACM

At WTHN, sound therapy is melded into the treatment (on a heated table!) via beats and guided meditation. Dove selects "Chill" as her track of choice because, of course. She also opts in for ear seeds to complement her session.

All the bells and whistles aside though, the main question is whether acupuncture actually soothes your points of pressure. And, can it actually help you calm down? Watch the full video to see Dove's experience. And, spoiler alert: If acupuncture could get Charlotte York to relax about her fertility issues (and Charlotte York couldn't relax for like six seasons), just imagine the promise it hold for a gal with a slightly tight jaw.

Speaking of head-to-toe treatments, Dove bound herself up with a lymphatic drainage massage on another What the Wellness quest. Oh, and don't forget the icy workout that had her feeling the burn for days.

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