Why Is Everyone Posting Photos of Themselves Replacing Weights With Dogs?

Photo: Instagram/@ajgreenefit

Let's face it, your dog probably supports your goals and dreams as much (or more) than anyone else—whether that involves running a marathon (because your pup will probably get to come along for a few miles during training!) or hitting snooze and catching up on sleep (because, duh, bonus cuddle time).

So, beyond the occasional run or "doga" class, why aren't we all working out alongside our precious pups more?

#SquatYourDog is the Insta-workout trend that's taking the world by slobbery storm.

Turns out, some people are—and it looks pretty great. Welcome to #SquatYourDog, the Insta-workout trend that's taking the world by slobbery storm. After Alyssa at @ajgreenefit posted an Instagram Story video of herself squatting with her 70-pound golden retriever, the challenge took off.

It's as simple as it sounds—pick up your dog, do squats, feel the burn, get the kisses—but it's surprisingly difficult. The bigger the dog, the more weight you're squatting, and the more you'll have to engage your muscles to create stability. (Because even though you're holding your BFF in your arms, maintaining good form is still of the utmost importance. Proceed with caution, Great Dane dog moms and dads.)

You can mix it up by adding dog-weighted lunges, goblet squats, and wall sits. Plus, Shape reports, multiple studies show that working out with a furry friend has loads of health benefits. Can't argue with science.

Bonus: Your Bella, Bailey, or Bob will probably be game to lick the sweat off your face once you're done working out together.

Scroll down to see some seriously cute #SquatYourDog workout buddies.








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