Here’s How I Work Out With Nyc’s Cult-Fave Model Trainer…for Free

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Anytime your favorite models are in New York City, you can always find them at the Dogpound, training with founder Kirk Myers. The tough-as-nails workouts include activities that range from super-heavy weightlifting to resistance band training. And that's exactly why it's such a hot-spot. The wide range of activities keeps fitness fun with impressive results.

While anyone can train at the Dogpound, booking time with Myers himself is expensive. A single session runs $500, and a pack of 12 is $5,400. (This is the kind of money I definitely don't have to spend on fitness; I have student loans!) The good news is that it's completely possible to train with him for free. You just have to follow him on Instagram.

Myers consistently shares the workout routines of everyone from Jasmine Tookes to Ashley Graham. And while working out with him via Instagram isn't exactly the same as the in-person experience, you'll reap similar benefits for free. The next time you'd ready to sweat, choose a few model-approved exercises from each of the categories below for a full-body workout.

Want a Dogpound workout for free? BYOW (build your own workout) with these exercises from Kirk Myers.


1. Jump rope

2. Bosu ball burpees

3. Battle ropes

4. Jump squats

5. Assault bike

6. Resistance band jumping jacks

7. Box jumps

Arms + back

1. Dumbbell raises

2. Chin-ups

3. One arm dumbbell row

4. Overhead press

5. Medicine ball throws

6. Deadlifts

7. Bicep curls

8. Standing pulldowns


1. Crunch throw

2. Plank hip dips

3. Medicine ball crunches

4. Side plank incline

5. Leg circles

6. Hip raise twists

7. Bosu ball twisting plank

Legs + booty

1. Reverse lunges

2. Glutes bridges

3. Booty kicks

4. Rainbow booty

5. Weighted squats

6. Lunge kickbacks

7. Kettlebell sumo squats

8. Stability ball hip raises

9. Split squats

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