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Skip the Trip to the Cafe With This Chai Concentrate That’s Basically a Barista in a Bottle

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When it comes to legendary fall beverages, there's no arguing that the PSL still—IMHO—reigns supreme. As for a veeery close second? Chai lattes—aka, the warm, slightly spicy beverages that taste like autumn in a cup. Not only are these drinks delicious, they're one of the healthier teas, since chai is packed with antioxidants and belly-loving bacteria for better digestion.

As a passionate chai drinker myself, it can be very tempting to run down to my coffee shop for a hot cup of the stuff each morning. Especially as the weather gets cold and the air gets crisp, a cup of chai is the beverage equivalent to, say, a cozy blanket scarf, or worn-in flannel. But at around $5 a pop, any latte on the reg can cost upwards of $40 a week—waaay too much to be spending on any drink, let's be real. The solution? A premium concentrate that makes barista-worthy drinks with the swirl of a spoon, all for a fraction of what you'd spend at Starbucks.

I'm talking about Dona Masala Chai Concentrate ($24), a perfectly-spiced chai concoction that you mix into milk or water for instant tasty goodness. This creamy elixir is pre-mixed with all the flavors you want out of a chai latte, saving you the hassle of buying all the spices, not to mention saving your wallet major bucks as well.


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Unlike other concentrates which often sway too strong or not strong enough, Dona Masala Chai packs in all the right flavors at all the right potency. Traditionally, the Indian drink is a total flavor factory, giving chai tea its signature warm, tingly sensation. This concentrate is no different. Take a sip of it (mixed, of course) and you'll find all those chai flavors you know and love—like spicy cardamom, fiery cinnamon, and woodsy clove—seamlessly blended together and lightly sweetened for a cup so good, you'll swear it came with a steep price tag.

Except, it doesn't. Two 16 ounce bottles of Dona Chai Concentrate cost $24. Considering the suggested serving size is four ounces per drink, you're shaking out to about $3 per serving, which is considerably less in the grand scheme of coffee shop spending. That's if you measure out exactly 4 ounces per serving—I added in about half that amount (4 tablespoons) to a cup of milk and was blown away by the flavor, so if you want to stretch your dollar, you can.

For the days you want to save yourself (and your wallet) a trip to the neighborhood cafe, buy this dreamy chai concentrate by Dona instead. Mixed in with a cup of steamed oat milk or served over ice, and you've got yourself barista-worthy tea all in the comforts of your own home. It's convenient, affordable, and seriously so delicious you'll wonder why you spent so much on overpriced beverages in the first place.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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