J.Lo’s Trainer Swears by This 3-in-1 Move As a Workout Finisher

Photo: Stocksy/Jovo Jovanovic
With so many feel-good yoga poses, it's hard to choose just one as a favorite to integrate into your workout routine. Some people love the stretch they get from triangle pose or the feeling like you've prepared for battle with Warrior II. Shavasana provides ultimate relaxation. And downward dog always gets the job done no matter who you are. But if you're looking to hit all the right muscles in one move, Jennifer Lopez's trainer, David Kirsch, demonstrates a downward dog pushup you'll want to master for the end of your workouts.

When it comes to exercise, the downward dog pushup is a triple-threat. Not only does it work your core and triceps, but it also provides a great stretch, exactly what you need after finishing up an intense routine. "Try it at the end of your workout," Kirsch writes on Instagram. To get the most out of the pose, Kirsch doesn't just stop with the downward dog. He adds on a plank and pushup into the flow, too.

After pushing back into downward dog, Kirsch lowers through a plank right into a low pushup position on the floor. After going down as far as you can, slowly bring yourself back up into downward dog again and feel the goodness of the stretch. Basically, by adding a few minutes to the end of your routine, you'll be able to wind down with a quickie exercise that provides the perfect combination of burn and relief. (Oh, and some J.Lo-level toning in the process.)


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