Binge-Watch Alert: Dr. Pimple Popper’s New TV Series Premieres Next Week

Popping pimples is generally not a dermatologist-approved pastime (it can result in scarring or really scary infections!). Perhaps this is partially why Los Angeles dermatologist Sandra Lee (AKA Dr. Pimple Popper) has become a viral sensation: She does exactly what her name leads you to believe, and on a grandiose scale. Dr. Lee's work has gone so viral, in fact, that a TV show chronicling her most gross-out (yet also so-satisfying-to-watch) cases is premiering January 3 on TLC, Cosmopolitan reports.

Although Dr. Lee's oozing extractions make me gag, millions of fans regularly follow and obsess over each squeeze posted on her Instagram account, making the move to TV for the aptly named show, This Is Zit, is a relatively natural one. Check out a sneak peek below from the show, in which Dr. Lee removes an epidermoid cyst, which occurs when skin has "turned under and formed a little sac," she explains.

While I'm not sure I can binge-watch, judging by the clip's million-plus Facebook views, I'm guessing a lot of you are tuning in. Just don't try the procedures at home, folks!

If you absolutely feel like you have to squeeze a zit (not one of the above—save that for the dermatologist!), follow master aesthetician Jillian Wright's five-step pimple-popping plan. And here's how face oil can help ward off future breakouts.

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